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I loved the music of Royal Headache and was bummed to hear when they broke up for good this time around. But alas, the front-man Shogun has emerged with a new gig. Here’s some info from the PR team

With this new project, listeners shouldn’t expect Royal Headache 2.0, but rather a crystallization and evolution of Shogun as a musician and songwriter, drawing on his own experiences of madness, addiction, hurt and hope. Of the two tracks, Shogun says: “There’s no real message in these songs. I think I keep my lyrics ambivalent deliberately. I like it when you can feel a meaning or presence in a song but you can’t pinpoint what it is. That way the listener can create their own meaning.”

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Martin Frawley was one of the architects of Twerps, an Australian band that landed on my radar on 2015. I had been wondering what had happened to them and now I know the answer. Martin and Julia McFarlane, the other architect of Twerps had ended their relationship, and thus the band. Frawley is back with Merge and below is the first track, a song that Frawley described as “the prequel to the record, explaining why I am where I am, writing what I am.”

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didi are a quartet that got their start in Columbus, OH. Singer/guitarist Meg Zakany and drummer Sheena McGrath met at school and subsequently recruited singer/guitarist Kevin Bilapka-Arbelaez and singer/bassist Leslie Shimizu from the local DIY scene. If you are a fan of Speedy, Diet Cig or Swearin’, I’d check these guys out. Here’s some more info on their sophomore album from the PR team.

On their sophomore album, like memory foam, Zakany, Bilapka-Arbelaez and Shimizu all lend their voices to songs that seek to explore, among other things, the power of an ambiguous identity, be it in terms of race, gender, class or otherwise, to navigate difficult or guarded conversations (“anzaldúa”); the pain of forgetting what once seemed to be an unforgettable love (“heavy ghosts”); and the sting a woman is capable of in the face of an unchecked man socialized to underestimate her (“moon jelly”).

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It is a common (and annoying) trait of music writers (that is loosely used for me) to compare new artists to more established artists. I do it because a) I’m usually short on time and b) I’m a medicore writer at best. That being said, one name I rarely see when using comparisons is Neko Case. I think it comes down to Neko being a true unique voice and personality in the world of music. So I don’t say this lightly when I say that upon spinning If Only There Was a River, I was immediately reminded of Neko’s music.

Produced by Kevin Morby and Justin Thomas (King Tuff), Anna’s debut LP is an absolute gem. The music is born from folk/twang but with help from Justin Sullivan (Night Shop) on drums and multi-instrumentalist Oliver Hill (Pavo Pavo), she is able to flesh these tracks out to put her own stamp on the genre. The Bells has a foreboding nature to it, making it seem like it would be a natural fit for something like True Detective or a dark Coen Brothers movie. Hello, on the back half of the LP has some wonderful fiddle playing evoking an Appalachia feel to the track. On The Wind, you can see the influence of St. Louis playing in Morby’s band shine through.

All in all, count me in as a fan. This is one heckuva a debut and I’m looking forward to seeing her live.

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Lala Lala – The Lamb (album review)

October 11, 2018

As I mentioned when I posted about this album, I recently took in a set by Lala Lala (aka Lillie West) when she opened for Courtney Barnett. It was an enjoyable set that put her on my radar but I don’t seem to remember the songs being as diverse as they are on The Lamb, […]

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David Nance Group – Peaced and Slightly Pulverized (album review)

October 9, 2018

Photo by Anna Dewey Nance David Nance has been out there for years and yet it is just now, that I’ve found his music. It is the music of my youth. Squealing & scuzzy guitars that will have you pulling out the old air guitar and a rhythm section that will pound you into the […]

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Ron Gallo -Stardust Birthday Party (album review)

October 8, 2018

I’ve seen Ron Gallo live a few times. I’ve listened to this LP, his debut and the EP in between numerous times. I think at this point I can safely say that Ron is not one for conventions. He’s got an idea of what he wants to do and he’s going to do it his […]

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Molly Burch – First Flower (album review)

October 5, 2018

Photo By Kelly Giarrocco I recently had the pleasure of taking in a set by Margaret Glaspy. She had her boyfriend, Julian Lage, in tow. And for those who don’t know, he is fucking sublime on the guitar. Listening to Molly Burch’s sophomore album reminds me of that show. Burch’s smoky vocals and her boyfriend, […]

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Michigan Rattlers – Evergreen (album review)

October 4, 2018

Photo by Shelby Goldstein Michigan Rattlers aren’t breaking down any new ground. They kick out mid-tempo Americana, which in this day isn’t anything unique. The thing that makes them special are the vocals and songwriting of the boys. Graham Young’s vocals have a timeless feeling to them, like they were lifted from decades ago. Adam […]

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Mandolin Orange announces Tides of a Teardrop for 2/1/19 release

October 2, 2018

Photo by Kendall Bailey Mandolin Orange are a constant in my rotation. The music of Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz always feels like the right choice to put on. Tides of a Teardrop will be out on 2/1/19 via the fine folks at Yep Roc Records. Here’s some more info from the PR team. Tides […]

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