John Moose – Flower [music video]

by Woody on October 25, 2014


I originally wrote about Swedish band, John Moose, back in July. Due to that and my undying love for Swedish footballer, Freddie Ljungberg, they asked me to premier their new video over in the US.

The track is called Flower. It is the second single from their upcoming album. The song is produced by John Moose and engineered by Jonas Westin. Video is directed and produced by John Moose and filmed and edited by Peter Olofsson. Starring Roya Sarvestani and Molle. Filmed in Wermland september 2014. It’s a lovestory involving nature, animals and humans.

Flower is another great folk track from the band. There are some slight electronic elements mixed in and the tune has got a nice big finish. They are working on getting over here to the States.

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No Twitter for John Moose but they are on Instagram


Elliott BROOD – Nothing Left [live video]

by Woody on October 23, 2014


In case my glowing review of Elliott BROOD’s new album, Work and Love, didn’t do it for you. Check out this live video of Nothing Left. It was filmed at Riverfest Elora this past August. They are going to be hitting the road for a lengthy tour. They are not to be missed live.

In a somewhat related note, our thoughts and prayers go out to the fine people of Canada. Their handling of a horrific situation yesterday is to be commended. The band tweeted out yesterday that they were “very proud and saddened Canadians.” They had every right to be.

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Elliott BROOD is here.



One day I was running car pools and I had O’Death playing in the car. A few minutes into the ride, one of the kids asked who I was listening to? Upon hearing my response and listening to a few tracks, I was asked, “why do I listen to this music? It seems real sad.” I told her that there are all types of music. Music to get excited to and dance. Music to drive home on dark, cold, rainy days. This is that music and its called O’Death. Rosie mulled it over and responded that she liked Taylor Swift’s new song better.

That remains a bone of contention in the household. And I get that O’Death isn’t for everybody but they have always scratched that itch for dark, foreboding music. The band recorded the album in Southern Maine; the new home of lead singer of Greg Jamie. After Outside’s more polished effort, Out Of Hands We Go is more raw and decidedly lo-fi. I enjoyed Outside as it was cool to hear the band fine-tune an effort but I like my O’Death to sound like they were recorded in a barn; bumps and bruises included. Go & Play With Your Dead Horses sounds like it was recorded with a $10 tape recorder but using top of the line mics. Real nice touch there.

Out Of Hands We Go also see the band shifting away from the dark tales of others and concentrate on their trials and tribulations. Tunes of heartbreak and overcoming odds are spread throughout the album. Apple Moon, Isavelle and We Had a Vision are amongst my favorites. And while other bands may come and go in this sub-genre, O’Death will always be my favorite.

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O’Death is here


Elliott BROOD – Work and Love [album review]

by Woody on October 21, 2014


The term Dad rock is consistently used a derogatory term. I’m a 44 year old father and I like to rock. I go to more shows than kids half my age, don’t watch The Voice and own red sneakers. So forgive me if I take offense at the term.

Work and Love has made an album about being that Dad. Inspired by a line from a Constantines song, “Work and love will make a man out of you,” Work and Love mines adult subjects such as relationships and the tests of adulthood, long drives, childhood retreating in a rear-view mirror.

Bringing in an outside producer for the first time with Ian Blurton really paid dividends. The BROOD roots are still there but there certain subtle new touches that really come off. One of my favorite things throughout the whole album is the outro from Taken that segues into a wonderful intro for Mission Bell, complete with mariachi horns. Its a wonderful moment that reinforces the fact that the song order can really take an album up a notch.

While probably not their intention, Elliott BROOD wrote an album about my life. In fact, they wrote an album about any guy transitioning into that next phase of life – not knowing whether to cling on to the old phase or embrace the new one. It is absolutely brilliant and you should run, not walk to get it.

Our full session with Elliott BROOD from 2009 is here

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Elliott BROOD is here


Sleater-Kinney are back!!!!!

October 20, 2014

New album is called No Cities to Love and it will be out on 1/20/15. First track is called Bury Our Friends. Its pretty awesome and you can listen below. Tour will follow and I will be at The Riv on Feb 17th. Not much more needs to be said other than Fuck Yeah!!! (permission [...]

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Fly Golden Eagle – Quartz Bijou [album review]

October 17, 2014

Fly Golden Eagle comes at you from Nashville and they are decidedly not country. What they are is something I’ll let you answer for yourself. Quartz Bijou is a delirious mess of an album comprising of 12 tunes. It was originally a 26 song epic based upon a 1973 film titled The Holy Mountain; a [...]

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Robert Plant – lullaby and … The Ceaseless Roar [album review]

October 16, 2014

I had totally forgotten about Robert Plant’s new album until seeing him on the Colbert Report last week. The interview was fantastic as Colbert & Plant bantered back and forth – two masters at play; including Plant handing Colbert a joint. Then Plant hit the stage with a ripping his band, The Sensational Shape Shifters [...]

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Minor Characters, Live Session #124

October 14, 2014

I first learned about Minor Characters through friend and photographer, Chris Hershman, who’s talent behind the camera brought some of my favorite HearYa sessions to your eyes. When I first got in touch with Chris about shooting a live session for me sometime back in 2011, we decided that we better do a test run [...]

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Steve Gunn – Way Out Weather [album review]

October 10, 2014

Photo by Constance Mensh Steve Gunn hadn’t registered on my radar until I discovered Hiss Golden Messenger via the Paradise of Bachelors label. From there I picked up some other great artists such as Promised Land Sound and Steve Gunn. Time Off was Gunn’s 2012 effort. And while late to the party, it soon found [...]

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Carl Barat & The Jackals – Glory Days

October 9, 2014

Carl Barat, best known for having to deal with Pete Doherty during their time together in The Libertines, has a new band. In putting together his latest act, I guess he surmised that he couldn’t find anybody more out of their mind than Doherty was during their time together. So he placed ads online and [...]

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