You’d be hard-pressed to find a site that loves Phil Cook’s music more than HearYa. His work w/ Megafaun? Loved it. Solo? Loved it. Popping on this Loamlands album? Loved it. Touring w/ Hiss Holden Messenger. Yep, you guessed it. We loved it. He’s one of my favorite guitar players around and I was lucky to catch him two times during my inaugural visit to Newport this year. So I was pretty stoked to see that he was releasing an instrumental album, titled Old Hwy D. With that, I’ll let Phil describe it for you.

“In the fall of 2014, my good friends returned home to Durham after living in Australia for a few years and were expecting their first child. The week he was born, I sat down with an acoustic guitar. With joy for my friends I came up with this simple set of songs. After spending the better part of three years working on Southland Mission, making this in a single day was a relief. A couple of takes and a couple of mistakes. If Southland was made for exuberant road trips, Old Hwy D is made for contemplative night drives or the perfect quiet moments in the waking hours of a new life.”

You can buy it on his site or pick one up while he tours with Hiss Golden Messenger.

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Phil Cook is here



The voice of Greta Morgan, the woman behind Springtime Carnivore, really began to grow on me with her excellent set of punk covers with La Sera’s Katy Goodman. Hearing the lead track of Midnight Room heightened my expectations for her sophomore effort.

For the most part it delivers. The album kind of works somewhere between Neko and Lucius, and that’s a good place to me. Written during a stretch of sleepless nights after a breakup, the album belies that stressful time as the album has this breezy, easy-going feel for the most part.

This album has a been a nice fall album for me. I walked to the office the other day with this in my ears and I actually showed up with a smile. In addition to the title track, Under The Spell and Face In The Moon are among my favorites.

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Springtime Carnivore is here



Photo by Nate Burrell

Jack Grelle is an Americana artist out of St. Louis. His email caught my attention as it made mention of him touring with Lavender Country. Got Dressed Up To Get Let Down will see the light of day on 10/28 via the fine folks at Big Muddy Records. Here’s a little more info on the album.

Grelle, on this album, is moving to a truly genuine, honest and personal place. He’s putting his politics on full display, even when he’s not fully aware of it. The title track, and this amazing video for it, work to dissect societal pressures put on women and the freedom in rejecting them. He wrote all of the relationship songs on this album with his partner, Julia Van Horn who also handled all of the art elements, looking to dig into the other side of the masculine country “love” song. Got Dressed Up To Be Let Down looks to ask questions and wonders where we stand, where we can go and what we can do. It’s a truly progressive, forward-facing album and it wants to take country music, especially in places like St. Louis, Missouri, with it.

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Jack does not appear to be on Twitter but his label can be found here.


Jonny Fritz – Sweet Creep (album review)

by Woody on October 17, 2016


In anticipation of Jonny Fritz’s new album, Sweet Creep, Fritz just had what could be the quote of the year in this article on Rolling Stone.

“Recording outside was Jim’s idea. He’s fucking nuts,” laughs Fritz, who doesn’t put much stock in high-end studios. “My list of how to record music is the songs are Number One. I don’t care if you have just an iPhone. If you’ve got good songs, I’d rather hear that than some goddamn Americana oil-money-funded record cut in [Nashville's historic] Studio B.”

The Jim he references is Jim James; he of MMJ fame. Along withe Goldsmith brothers and fiddler extraordinaire, Josh Hedley, they’ve just cobbled together Jonny’s best album to date. Fritz has always walked the edge between tunes about the quirky every day events and heartbreaking tunes that touch your soul.

Sweet Creep is no different. Happy In Hindsight and Cries After Making Love are the tunes that will tug on your heartstrings, especially the latter. Fritz celebrates the road on the excellent I Love Leaving. Fritz’s excellent and unique voice and the excellent fiddle of Josh Hedley allows him to bounce all over the place without ever missing a beat. Chilidog Morning and Chihuahua Rescue are excellent looks at what good be construed as silly subjects.

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Jonny Fritz is here


Stef Chura announces debut, Messes, out on 1/27/17

October 14, 2016

The sheer volume of female artists that are a) inspired by 90s college rock and b) doing it extremely well could be daunting to some forty-something suburban dads. But this Dad is determined to wade through the ever-expanding collection of rocking women. I hadn’t heard of Stef Chura before yesterday but apparently she’s been knocking [...]

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Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster – Constant Stranger (album review)

October 13, 2016

Photo by Matt White For those not in the know, Justin is the lead voice and 1/3 of HearYa favorite, Water Liars. With Water Liars, their tunes tend to vacillate between quiet moments and crashing sound all the while showcasing life’s difficulties. On his solo debut, Justin dials back the sound for in giving you [...]

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Georgie signs to Spacebomb, releases single – Company of Thieves

October 12, 2016

Georgie is a female artist from the East Midlands in the UK and she is the latest addition to Matthew E. White’s Spacebomb Records. Her music is a nice blend of 60s girl group and garage rock. Here’s some more info on her first track. “Company of Thieves” is a hungry rock and roll beast [...]

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Hiss Golden Messenger – Heart Like A Levee (album review)

October 11, 2016

I rarely listen to regular radio because for the most part, it sucks*. But when I do listen to music it winds up being XRT here in Chicago. But that station has become so crappy lately as it is an adult contemporary station. They must play that X Ambassadors song or Kids by MGMT almost [...]

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Broken Barrels announce debut EP 11/11/16

October 7, 2016

I got an email this week from John Mancini of Broken Barrels announcing their debut EP. I clicked on the soundcloud links and was immediately reminded of another Bay Area band, The Devil Makes Three. Their debut EP, A Little Off The Top will be out on 11/11/16. Here’s what John had to say about [...]

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The Dexateens set to release Teenage Hallelujah tomorrow

October 6, 2016

Back in 2009, The Dexateens paid HearYa a visit to lay down a session in support of their album, Singlewide. As they were in the midst of recording their follow-up, the band broke up. Lee Bains III left to do Lee Bains III stuff and Teenage Hallelujah just kind of rotted in a can. Five [...]

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