Pray For Paris

by Woody on November 14, 2015


All terrorist acts are cowardly and reprehensible. This one hit particularly close to home. I go listen to music to get away from the daily grind. It is a place where people come together, discover and generally enjoy to company of others.

Be good to each other.



In 2015, I’ve become enamored with a number of acts from Australia & New Zealand – Courtney Barnett, Salad Boys, Fraser A. Gorman & Summer Flake – to name a few. Well it appears as 2016 will be more of the same. The first track from their mini-LP, Clean Slate, is a rumbling hot mess of rocking. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. Here’s some info from the band from their PR team.

Hailing from Melbourne, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever is made up of brothers Tom (guitar and vocals) and Joe R (bass), cousins Joe W (guitar and vocals) and Fran (guitar and vocals) and flatmate Marcel (drums). It was in 2014, over lazy nights spent eating pizza and jamming on an acoustic guitar in Fran’s bedroom that the band was born.

“We were listening to a lot of music made by people in cold places idealising hot places. Bands like Orange Juice and Style Council built this aesthetic of imagined continental sophistication.” explains Fran. “They’d paint a picture of black sunglasses, espresso and gelato – which was probably at odds with their actual experience in Glasgow or London. Another group of total concept bands from Gothenburg from a few years back – The Embassy and Air France in particular – they had this sun-soaked sound, but it came from cold apartments.” It’s this type of poetic irony that fills the band’s music and a self-deprecating, uniquely Australian wit that sets them apart from other bands in their genre.

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Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever is here


Royal Headache – High [album review]

by Woody on November 12, 2015


This album came out a few months ago and my love for it has been growing since. High is the sophomore effort for the Sydney foursome. Their s/t debut was solid but didn’t have any real staying power for me. So why is High so beloved by my? I think it comes down to the mix of the vocals.

For a band that plays a brand of heart-on-your-sleeve garage-punk, it was tough to deal with the vocals being muddled in the mix, especially when the lead singer’s name is Shogun. It fed into the punk ethos but burying him in there was wasting him. On High, Shogun’s vocals are front and center as the rest of the band – Law (guitar), Joe (bass), and Shortty (drums) – fire through a 30 minute blast of goodness.

That’s not to say that High is all spit-polished. It still carries a raw energy to it that is palpable. Whether Shogun is screaming ” I Need You” or calling his ex “Garbage” there is no hiding his feelings.

High is an album you get drunk to. High is an album you sing loud with your buddies. High is an album you fall in love to. High is an album you listen to when your heart gets broken. Enjoy the hell out of it. I sure have.

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Royal Headache is here



Mount Moriah have just announced the first album of 2016 that is guaranteed to be on HearYa’s best of 2016 list. For those not familiar with Mount Moriah, they are a throwback twang band fronted by the vocal styling of Heather McEntire with a guitarist, Jenks Miller, that gets some of the amazing tones you’ll ever from a guitar. How To Dance, is their third album, second for Merge, and it will see the light of day on 2/26/16. Take a listen to the first track, Cardinal Cross, is below. Here’s some info on the album.

The North Carolina-based band Mount Moriah—composed of Heather McEntire (lead vocals, guitar), Jenks Miller (lead guitar, keys), and Casey Toll (bass, keys)—seem insistent to grow. If Mount Moriah’s self-titled debut showed them standing with sea legs, determined to dream their way free from the dark crevices and corners of alt-country’s stiff template; and if Miracle Temple, their second album, called that darkness by its Southern name and met it with fire; then their latest collection of songs, How to Dance, is a devotion to the cosmic light itself: moving towards it, moving into it, becoming it. Mount Moriah’s third full-length sees them stretching further to explore their collective interest in the intangible fringes of fate and synchronicity. With How to Dance, the band presents new themes of symbolism, mysticism, alchemy, universality, sacred geometry. There is color, confidence, self-direction, joy. There is also darkness, but only to show you how it found its light.

In I’m Not There, a film supposition of Bob Dylan’s life, the version of Dylan played by Cate Blanchett—the pre-motorcycle crash, Blonde on Blonde Dylan—says that “a poem is like a naked person,” and then, blending into the same line, “but a song is something that walks by itself.” Mount Moriah have created a continuous dialogue with humanity, with the metaphysical, with the ecology right in front of us. Here, in How to Dance, everything walks by itself.

Here’s our 2011 HearYa session

Here’s a link regarding their 7″ they just put out.

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Mount Moriah is here


Saintseneca – Such Things [album review]

November 5, 2015

I’ve introduced Saintseneca to a few people. And while many have liked it, I have heard some say that “it’s good but the lead singer’s voice, Zac Little, isn’t for me.” I disagree as I love his voice as it reminds me of Jeff Mangum. And I thought they such a good job framing it [...]

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Beach Slang – The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us [album review]

November 2, 2015

Photo by Craig Scheihing Beach Slang have been catching a lot of hype as of late. In many of the pieces, you’ll see The Hold Steady referenced. Its easy to see why as both feature front-men who fronted lesser-known acts before finding a larger audience in their thirties. They also tend to write lyrics that [...]

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Library Voices announce new albu, Lovish – 11/6/15

October 30, 2015

Photo by Chris Graham Library Voices is a Canadian congregation of childhood friends who grew up on a steady diet of basement shows, science fiction, and mid-west sincerity. Lovish is their third effort and their first since they took a little break. And when I read about what happened, who can blame them. There was [...]

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The Yawpers – American Man [album review]

October 29, 2015

Photo by Paul Beaty Fancy yourself a fan of Scott H. Biram? Two Gallants? Maybe you are but you really love yourself some Elliott BROOD. Well then, you’re in luck as I am about to introduce you to your new favorite band. They are The Yawpers, yee of greatest video ever fame. While that video [...]

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Marlon Williams signs to Dead Oceans, s/t debut on 2/19/16

October 28, 2015

Marlon Williams is a 24 y/o singer/songwriter from New Zealand and he’s the latest addition to the fine Dead Oceans catalog. I feel like I’ve enjoyed more music from Australia and New Zealand this year than in prior years. If this first track off his 2016 s/t debut is any indication (it kicks ass), it [...]

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Cicada Rhytym to release s/t debut on 10/30

October 23, 2015

Cicada Rhythm are Andrea Demarcus and Dave Kirslis, and they will be releasing their debut next week via Normaltown Records (New West Records). Demarcus is a classically trained bassist from Julliard, while Kirslis is train-hopping guitar player. If you consider yourself a fan of Mandolin Orange or The Lowest Pair, they’d fit real nice into [...]

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