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Peter More, an Austin based artist, must have stepped in dog poop at some point in his life to get Donald Fagen to produce his debut. Think what you want about Steely Dan, but Donald Fagen is rock royalty. FWIW, I grew up on Steely Dan so I still have a soft spot for them. Sort of like Jim Court in Say Anything. Anyway, this track below is sweet. Here’s a little more from the PR squad.

After a chance encounter with Donald Fagen in San Miguel de Allende a lush, colonial enclave in central Mexico; Peter More wound up sitting in with Fagen, being invited to attend Levon Helm’s final Midnight Ramble concert and finally having Fagen himself produce his album; Beautiful Disrepair.

“In my mind, there is no specific theme to the album,” More says. But if there is a commonality tying his songs together, it’s emotional and physical wanderlust. “Definitely a lot of different places, different dynamics,” he says of Beautiful Disrepair’s sprawl of experiences, wherein he confronts moments of sadness and disappointment to make peace with them. “Life is not the easiest. It can be tough, but it can be hopeful, too.”

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Peter More is here


Loose announce debut Haircut EP

by Woody on August 17, 2018

Loose are a trip from Portland and they’ve got themselves a new EP. I don’t know much more about them; other than I like it due to it being of the rocking variety.

Jeremy Murphy of Loose described his song(via Culture Creature): “‘Bruce’ was a sort of apology to my friend after borrowing and accidentally crashing their car. I’d never been in a wreck before and it really sucked but Springsteen was playing on the radio later that night and somehow he made me feel that everything would turn out o.k. (and we’re still pals so it’s chill. haha).”

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Loose are on bandcamp


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Smokescreens was born was when Chris Rosi and Corey Cunningham became friends while they toured with their prior bands, Terry Malts and Plateaus. They bonded over an appreciation of Flying Nun records, and as their press release stated – “they began as a love letter to the Flying Nun scene of the 1980’s and it’s outlying bands.”

It took me a couple of listens to connect with this album. Oddly enough, it happened as I lazily lumbered into the gym. The opening one-two of Someone New and the title track definitely get the blood pumping as their Kiwi influenced power pop pumped into my ear holes. A couple of tracks later, bassist Jenny Moffett takes over the mic on Jolly Jane for a noisy bit of power-pop about a nurse who’s pretty shitty at her job.

I’ve been enjoying the heck out of jangly rock this year. Bands like Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever and Clearance have really scratched an itch year, and Smokescreens is another fine addition into the equation.

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Smokescreens is here


Forth Wanderers – s/t (album review)

by Woody on August 15, 2018

Credit: Julia Leiby

Forth Wanderers have an interesting way of making their tunes. Guitarist Ben Guterl shoots vocalist Ava Trilling a skeleton of a tune and she subsequently she knocks out the lyrics. Trilling says, “The only way I can really write is by myself in my room with a notebook, listening to the song over and over.” Once the tune comes together, those two meet up with Duke Greene (guitars), Zack Schifrin (bass) and Zach Lorelli (drums) and put the finishing touches on it.

The end result is an album that balances the exuberance of youth and the heaviness of making it through the day as you question yourself, your relationships and where you stand in this ever-changing world. The album comes out of the gate strong with Nevermine; featuring a pleading Trilling singing, “I am the one you think of when you’re with her,” before the track builds upon her exasperation. Taste is another solid track, spun from the taste of that first kiss with someone special.

I was all set to catch a show by them this summer. Unfortunately, Ava was diagnosed with a mental health issue. Here’s hoping she’s on the mend and they will be back out there soon enough.

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Forth Wanderers are here


David Nance Group announces Peaced and Slightly Pulverized for 10/5 release

August 14, 2018

Photo by Anna Dewey Nance Where is the hell has this guy been hiding? Apparently, he’s well known in the DIY crowd but I’m a 48 y/o suburban dad. This track rocks and I plan on spending some more time with David and as his PR guru, Jacon Daneman put it “his recent hot-shit live […]

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Spider Bags – Someday Everything Will Be Fine (album review)

August 13, 2018

photo by Alex Boerner My Heart Is a Flame In Reverse, the centerpiece of Spider Bags’ fifth album is about as good a track as you’ll run across this year. It is a scuzzy six minute slice of cow-punk full of lament and regret. The tune continues to grow louder and louder as Dan McGee […]

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Anna St. Louis announces If Only There Was a River for 10/12 release

August 13, 2018

Photo credit: Chantal Anderson Anna St. Louis is a singer-songwriter from KC that now resides in LA. Her debut will be seeing the light of day on 10/12 via the fine folks at Woodist and Mare Records. Produced by Kevin Morby & Kyle Thomas, this track is a peach. NPR described the track perfectly, “lopes […]

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Aaron Lee Tasjan announces Karma For Cheap – 8/31/18

August 11, 2018

Photo By Curtis Wayne Millard It took me awhile to come around on Aaron Lee Tasjan’s last album, Silver Tears. Many others didn’t have that problem as the album was critically lauded by everyone from NPR to The Wall Street Journal. He’s back with another unique blend of Americana, glam-rock and power-pop. Karma For Cheap […]

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The Love Language – Baby Grand (album review)

August 9, 2018

Photo Credit – Marci Hohner It was funny that Stuart McLamb used kaleidoscope affects for the video for New Amsterdam as I am always reminded of a kaleidoscope when listening to Stuart McLamb’s project, The Love Language. All a kaleidoscope is just some colors working with multiple reflectors to give an optical mind-fuck. At their […]

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Ron Gallo announces Stardust Birthday Party for 10/5 release

August 6, 2018

Ron Gallo is set to follow up on 2017’s excellent American Meta with Stardust Birthday Party, via the fine folks at New West. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Ron but I find him a truly unique and intriguing character via interview and articles. Here’s some more info on the album via the PR […]

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