I’m not going to lie to you. I was going to post this song whether it was any good or not. Why? Because it opens with some cowbell and nice tasty riff. The rest of the song and the back story took a serious left turn from this first 5 seconds. This song and the other I’ve heard off their debut belies what you get in those first few seconds, for the better might I add. Here’s some more info on the album and the back story of lead singer, Isabel Reidy. Her voice is a real pleasure.

The record was born out of the experience of Izzy True dropping out of school and moving home to deal with mental illness as well as the desire for a cathartic and joyful way to combat those issues. The end result is a rock and roll album which makes space for misery.

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Izzy True is here



I am a product of the SUNY school system and in spite of that, I’ve been able to live on my own for 25 years and feed myself on an almost daily basis. So anytime, I see someone from the SUNY system making good, it puts a smile on my face. LVL UP was born at SUNY Purchase when guitarists Mike Caridi and Dave Benton, bassist Nick Corbo got together to do some recordings. Drummer Greg Rutkin joined for the first show and rock and roll history was soon made. This is their third album but first for Sub Pop. Based on one track, you can tell these guys have an affinity for 90s college rock. They’ve blended a few of their favorite bands up and glossed them over with some pop sensibilities. Really looking forward to hearing more. Here’s some info on the band.

“Hidden Driver,” the opening track of LVL UP’s third album and Sub Pop debut Return to Love, never stops moving. What starts with unassuming guitars and vocals adds new lines, depths, and intensity, until its unrestrained, triumphant finish. “God is peeking, softly speaking,” repeats the chorus, working through the relationship between spirituality and creative inspiration, and introducing a band that is always pushing further.

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LVL UP is here


Cool Ghouls announce Animal Races 8/19/16

by Woody on July 18, 2016


Cool Ghouls are back for their third LP with their tasty blend of country-soul / psych-rock. I dug their last effort, A Swirling Fire Burning Through the Rye, but based on the two tracks below; I’m going to venture to say that this one is going to be even better. They have a similar sound to Promised Land Sound and I think they’re about to take the same kind of leap that PLS took with For Use and Delight. Here’s some info on the new band via their bio.

Inevitably, when listening to Cool Ghouls, you may recall performers of the past, other summoners of this same spirit, whose fingers were also channels through which rock’n’roll was made physical. But this band’s purpose is not to reference, fetishize, or even celebrate these incarnations of rock’n’roll that came before them. Their intention is to animate their medium – bring to life the inanimate framework that is rock’n’roll. Get the kids dancing. Get the floor at the house party to cave in. Not to sound like a rock’n’roll band, but to do what a rock’n’roll band does. A band for playing rock’n’roll.

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Cool Ghouls are here



The duo of James Hoare and Jack Cooper, otherwise known as Ultimate Painting, are set to release their third LP titled Dusk on September 30th via the fine folks at Trouble In Mind Records. The lead single, Bills, picks up where their last effort, Green Lanes, ended. It is a wonderful track of 70s psych-folk highlighted by some genuinely fantastic guitar work.

Album opener and first single “Bills” furthers the duo’s reputation as purveyors of the Verlaine/Lloyd legacy, but despite the evident influence of American guitar pop both past and present, the group has recorded an album that feels decidedly English. Cooper’s abstract poeticism balances perfectly alongside Hoare’s alluring and universal pop leanings. The group has discovered a simple lushness in Dusk’s arrangements, sometimes only with subtle additions like a recently acquired Wurlitzer piano. They’ve tapped into the subtle grace that infects the mood and emotions experienced at times like sunrise and dusk, hopefulness, resignation, ennui.

The casual setting during the album’s recording allowed the sessions and songs to unfold naturally, with James and Jack accompanied by recent live drummer Melissa Rigby, who drums on the entirety of Dusk. Her skills lend a rhythmic elasticity to the songs with jazzy undertones that break from the band’s previously unadorned 4/4 leanings. Dusk feels different and cements the group’s presence in the modern world of guitar pop, finding voice in the allure of quietude.

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Ultimate Painting is here


Julia Jacklin announces her debut LP, Don’t Let The Kids Win – 10/7/16

July 14, 2016

I first caught wind of Julia Jacklin prior to SXSW and I was all sorts of bummed out to miss her at SXSW this year. Well it looks like I might be able to remedy that when she tours America after releasing her debut LP, Don’t Let The Kids Win this October via the fine [...]

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Hiss Golden Messenger announces Heart Like A Levee 10/7/16

July 13, 2016

I love the music of Hiss Golden Messenger so much it hurts. And I also love the fact that he didn’t make it overnight. I think it gives him a perspective that is lost on artist who stumble into some sort of notoriety immediately. Based on what MC Taylor writes below, it is that new-found [...]

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Michael Kiwanuka – Love and Hate (album review)

July 12, 2016

Back a couple of months ago when Michael announced this album with the lead single, Black Man In A White World, seemed very apt due to the times we were living in. The fact that it wound be released last Friday at the tail end of one of the most demoralizing weeks that I could [...]

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Martha – Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart (album review)

July 8, 2016

Photo by Steve Landles Martha is a four-piece hailing from the English village of Pity Me and they have just released their sophomore effort – a blend of 90s indie guitar rock and power pop-punk – on Dirtnap Records. Their debut garnered a fair amount of praise. Any time you start getting notoriety and seeing [...]

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Dogbreth announce Second Home; out 8/5/16

July 7, 2016

Photo by Stillman Busselle I’ve heard two tracks by Dogbreth and I’m here to tell you, that their upcoming album is coming out a perfect time. Based on these two tracks, Dogbreth play power-pop with a big hooks and work in some 50s style doo-wop backing vocals. Great stuff to listen to when knocking down [...]

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Pip Blom – Hours

July 6, 2016

As I get older and busier, with less time to devote to going through the hundreds of emails that come into our inbox, I tend to lean on certain people that have a good idea of what I like. So when Pip’s PR fella emailed me and told me to listen to Pip; I obliged. [...]

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