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Young Buffalo – New s/t EP on 10/9

by Woody on September 19, 2012

Young Buffalo is back with a new EP on October 9th. The lead single Nature Boy will remind you of their debut EP, Young Von Prettylips with its hints of afrobeat. Lead single, Nature Boy is below. Give it a spin.


I liked Young Buffalo plenty after hearing their first single, “Catapilah,” back in March. Then I liked them plenty more after seeing them at SxSW. But after seeing the name of their debut EP…well now things are getting weird. Young Von Prettylips will undoubtedly be the name of my next fantasy football team.

The music, you ask. Is it any good? Well yes, yes it is. Quite good actually. In my initial post on Young Buffalo, I likened them to the Local Natives. This EP does nothing to dispel that lofty comparison. While only a three-piece, they use the percussion to propel their soaring harmonies forward. There’s also hints of some surf guitar throughout which gives the songs a bouncy feel.

There is so much to enjoy on this EP, but I still feel cheated that it’s only five tunes long. Young Buffalo emit a youthful exuberance on each song that lifts you up and takes you for a ride. “Catapilah” is back on this EP, tightened up by a minute or so, and that remains a fantastic tune. “Speak EZ” is another phenomenal tune, made even better by the fact the chorus has them harmonizing, “I’m a Polyglot.” I guess that would make speaking pretty easy.

If you get a chance to see these guys live, make a point to do so. As I mentioned, I caught them in Austin – it was 1PM, I had just sucked down some Tito’s to ward off Friday’s hangover, and I was chewing on my second michelada. The sun was beating down and these youngsters from Mississippi were my first SxSW set of the day. They delivered an amazing performance and put in motion a fantastic day of music and hijinks. Can’t wait to see them here in Chicago.

Young Buffalo – Catapilah (Demo version)

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Meet Young Buffalo and have an early look at a band that will wind up on countless best of lists at the end of this year. Soaring 3-piece harmonies – check. Jangly, indie guitar with hints of Afrobeat – checkerooni. Band members that are young enough to be my children – you betcha. Hailing from Brooklyn – check…wait, what? They’re from Oxford, MS? Shut the fuck up. Yep, says it right on their myspace page so it has to be true.

They cite comparisons to the Fleet Foxes, but I didn’t hear it until checking out that video below. Actually remind me more of Local Natives. Prepare for tons of buzz about them after their debut comes out via Fat Possum and they conquer SXSW.

You can also hear their fresh Daytrotter Session here.

Young Buffalo – Catapilah (Demo)