TK & The Holy Know-Nothings

Single Art Credit: Eric J. Loeffler

TK & The Holy Know-Nothings play a brand of ramshackle of Americana that kicks off the feel of a bunch of friends coming together to kick out some tunes. Arguably OK will see the light of day on 5/24 via the fine folks at Mama Bird. Here’s some more info from the PR team.

TK & The Holy Know-Nothings was borne out of frontman Taylor Kingman’s desire to create a loose, groove-heavy bar band, but never at the expense of good, honest songwriting. To do so, Kingman pulled together his dream lineup, consisting of drummer Tyler Thompson and multi-instrumentalists Jay Cobb Anderson (lead guitar, harmonica), Lewi Longmire (bass, guitar, pedal steel, flugelhorn) and Sydney Nash (keys, bass, slide guitar, cornet). It’s a band of deeply contrasting styles buoyed by a palpable mutual trust–one that allows them to find and lose the groove with the same ease. They build graceful, spaced-out landscapes around Kingman’s storytelling–his voice ragged and broken one moment and raging the next–only to deconstruct them through a fit of manic and often dissonant rabbit holes. They’ve created irreverent rock and roll where nothing is sacred because everything is sacred. Theirs is a sound they’ve lovingly dubbed “psychedelic doom boogie” with a groove that’s tempered and deepened by Kingman’s stubborn devotion to the unglorified truth of things.

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