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For those not in the know, Amy Klein was a member of Titus Andronicus back in day. She left the band back in 2011 to work on her other projects and now she’s all set to release her debut solo LP. The album will be titled Fire and will be released via the fine folks at Don Giovanni Records.

I was bummed when she left Titus and while her music is more melodic on this go-round. One listen to her lyrics and you can tell that Amy still has the fire in her belly. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.

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There was a great article on NPR regarding the challenges of digesting super-sized albums. As a father of 3 with a full-time job, 80 minute albums provide quite the challenge as it is tough to find the time during car pools and phone calls. The big 80 minute album in my life now is The Most Lamentable Tragedy, which is referenced in the article.

I have been listening to TMLT in fits over the last month on a variety of listening devices. Five songs here. Eight songs there. Listening to such a personal piece of music makes it very difficult to form any reasonable conclusion on the album. I’ve had only two opportunities to listen in full twice. And truth be told, only one of them was I able to crank it up on quality speakers.

For those not familiar with Titus, they are a Jersey punk band. The man behind Titus is Patrick Stickles, an opinionated gentleman that has suffered from manic depression and battles with a selective eating disorder. His interviews are always an interesting read and his twitter feed is not for the faint of the heart. Stickles is an well-read intelligent man who is deeply convicted to his principles and beliefs.

TMLT is a massive sprawling, brilliant, messy masterpiece. The story of the protagonist is one of despair, redemption and one that returns to despair. It is a five piece rock opera that sounded ridiculous when I first heard the idea, but one that Stickles has made work. I’d be lying if I said I can break down this album in any sort of intelligent manner as it isn’t a story that is easy to follow along. Its more of a feel album with moments that will make you blow you out of the water.

For now, TMLT is a great collection of songs with some major highlights on it. Over time I plan on growing into this album and delving into the story where I can fully comprehend it. Really long-term, I hope this album means as much to my kids as Quadrophenia means to me.

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What the hell do you do to follow up an epic concept album like The Monitor? Luckily for us, Titus Andronicus didn’t try and “out-Monitor” The Monitor. Gone are the Civil War themes, multiple guest appearance and voice-overs. Still with us is the New Jersey punk band’s propensity for writing amazing tunes and a refusal to be pigeonholed by their ‘punk’ label.

I’m going to spare you a long drawn out review as I am guessing there are probably hundreds you could find to break down individual tunes. I will say this this, Oz and I were gushing over this album the other day and we were tossing around names like The Clash, Bruce, The Replacements, etc. Since then I have listened to Local Business about a half dozen times and I don’t feel ridiculous throwing around some of the most legendary names in rock & roll when describing Local Business and Titus Andronicus as a whole. They are that good.

After three amazing albums, including one that will go down as one of the most important albums of its time; Titus is well on the way to being one of the most important bands of our time – if they aren’t there already. If they keep kicking out albums of this quality they will be one of the great American bands.


Titus Andronicus surprised us with their incredible punk Civil War concept album entitled The Monitor. The band recently released a video for their first single, “A More Perfect Union.”

Titus Andronicus – A More Perfect Union

Video: Titus Andronicus – A More Perfect Union

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Titus Andronicus – The Monitor [Album Review, SxSW 2010]

March 11, 2010

I’ve had the pleasure of owning Titus Andronicus’ The Monitor for a month now and it is has slowly worked its way into my subconscious like a slow, smoldering fire building into an out of control blaze. The comparisons to Bruce are easy enough since both are both from Jersey, but I would throw equal […]

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