Three Blind Wolves

I reviewed Three Blind Wolves’ Sound of The Storm back in May and compare their sound to a blend of Frightened Rabbit, Mumford and Sons, and Frontier Ruckus. The band hails from Scotland and, thanks to a tremendous debut and a tour with Frightened Rabbit, they are garnering some buzz in the UK.

The band has graciously allowed us to offer Sound of The Storm as a free download. (Removed at request of band due to miscommunication).

Three Blind Wolves – Captain of a Ship

Three Blind Wolves – Echo On The Night Train

Video: Three Blind Wolves – Emily Rose

Episode #33.1: Three Blind Wolves – “Emily Rose” from Off The Beaten Tracks on Vimeo.


Three Blind Wolves are the top of my list of music discoveries this year. The Glasgow band is making a name for themselves in their native Scotland and their debut album, Sound On The Storm, is sure to be a head-turner in the States.

Their sound is a blend of Frightened Rabbit, Mumford and Sons, and Frontier Ruckus. The album in my possession lists songs out of order, but the first song I heard was the uptempo”Black Bowl Park.” It’s a song that chugs along with surf-inspired guitar over rapid percussion, ending in a guitar finale that sealed the deal for me. I was an immediate fan.  “Captain of a Ship” crept in next, with ethereal vocal harmonies breaking into a steady rhythm. But just as you start tapping your foot, the song breaks with a pause and opens up into a stormy chorus, “I’m the captain of a ship that’s going/ Going down, going down, going down/ Going far from here.” The song then turns itself into a country jam.

Those first two tracks grabbed my attention and it didn’t really matter that they were actually the 2nd and 5th tracks on the official album.  You can sort the songs alphabetically, reverse chronologically, or just shuffle through them. You won’t find a weak spot anywhere. Ross Clarke’s quavering vocals make the band’s sound distinctive, but I’m guessing this great album still won’t do them justice. Three Blind Wolves strike me as a quintessential live act and their buzz will build in the States as they take the stage before new fans.

Three Blind Wolves – Echo On The Night Train

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