The Morning Pages

the morning pages

The Morning Pages are finally back! We met this alt-country band back in 2007 after they released their debut EP, The Company You Keep.‚  Shortly thereafter, they visited the studio for our fifth live session. The Brooklyn band is back with their debut LP, Rising Rain, due out in May.

Here’s more from the press release:

The results were pretty spectacular. Bringing musicians like The Pierces for the harmonies, as well as recruiting piano work from Alec Higgins (Alberta Cross) and fiddle accompaniments from Gillian Rivers (Nicole Atkins), Rising Rain is a classic country- folk record that’s as much Beale Street as it is Bleecker Street. The album’s standouts include the heart-wrenching folk ballad and first single “My Name is Lion,” joyous foot-stompers like “With The Lord” and “This City Keeps Me Down” ” tracks that are half folksy soul, half rooftop jam sessions. The record also has a number of plaintive, big-city laments like “Move to the Country” and “Makes Me Cry.” Above all, the album fuses Nashville twang with New York sensibilities as few bands have done before.

The Morning Pages – My Name Is Lion

From the HearYa Live Session:

Exclusive: The Morning Pages – With the Lord

Exclusive: The Morning Pages – City Keeps Me Down

Exclusive: The Morning Pages – Slippin’ and Slidin’

Exclusive: The Morning Pages – Hey Man

Exclusive: The Morning Pages – My Name is Lion

Exclusive: The Morning Pages – No One By Your Side