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The Moondoggies have released a music video for Stop Signs, a track off their excellent third album – Adios I’m A Ghost
. The video was directed by Jason Neuerberg.

And make sure to check out our full Moondoggies session right here.

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The Moondoggies are here.



There are a lot of things I love about The Moondoggies. But the thing that ties all those things in a bow is there ability to completely deconstruct a song and build it up again in a manner that sounds completely different altogether. Their songs can be chugging along just fine with some nice harmonies that sound like they just popped out of Laurel Canyon and next thing you know, the song grinds to a halt, takes a left and a tasty jam emerges. And while the unpredictability is fun and always enjoyable, its their knack for making it sound cohesive both on individual songs and the album as a whole that separates them from so many other bands out there today.

Songs routinely stretch out over 5 minutes. About 3 minutes into Midnight Owl, the song just breaks down and rebuilds upon a repetitious 3 or 4 note riff as the rest of the band slowly fills in around it. Just as you think it is about to take off, they put the brakes on, cock tease you for a few seconds and then deliver a phenomenal outro. That tune just gets better with every listen.

The last full song, Don’t Ask Why, has some meaty organ that kicks the song in the high-gear. That leads into a kicking guitar solo and then the song breaks down as the band builds furiously around the chorus of “I can see a lot better right now.” The song picks up as Kevin Murphy does a call and response with the rest of the band answering in harmony. It is a flat-out brilliant tune if you enjoy rock and roll.

I am an unabashed proponent of these guys. More people should be listening to them because frankly, there are plenty of shitty bands getting more exposure than them that couldn’t even dream of writing songs like these, let alone perform them. Run, don’t walk to get this one. And get the other LPs Don’t Be A Stranger and Tidelands while you’re at it.

Our HearYa session can be found here. You can stream the whole album at Paste. Then spend some money and go buy it.

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HearYa session alum, The Moondoggies have announced the follow up to their excellent 2nd album – Tidelands. The new album is Adios I’m a Ghost and will be out on August 13th via Sub Pop offshoot Hardly Art. I love these guys. There I said it. And these two new tracks are doing nothing to slow that down. Red Eye is below and you can hear Midnight Owl at American Songwriter. Here is the lowdown on the new album that includes one new Moondoggie for a grand total of five. Now the Moondoggies can play full court now so look for them on the court this fall when they tour with Rose Windows.

Adiós I’m a Ghost, as a title and explanation of a theme, combines levity with ideas that are no laughing matter. “Adiós I’m a Ghost was, like our [band] name, a combination of a joke and serious ideas. I heard the phrase on a Phil Hendrie podcast…and it grew into something else for me; being able to have life after death. Because we live and die million times in the big span of being around. We transition. And the Moondoggies lived and died and lived again, but not so absolutely…we just shifted away, shed our old skin and now we’re…” Murphy drifts off. “ I hope” he says, “this album relays our want to have no form.”

To shift shapes, much less become shapeless, the Moondoggies had to change: their line-up, the way they communicated, recorded, and wrote. They would have to push beyond the public pigeonhole of being a bearded band from Seattle singing in harmony to give the breadth of their influences a space in the spotlight. For Adiós I’m a Ghost they drew from a diverse list of musical influences from Pink Floyd to Blonde Redhead, Mississippi John Hurt to Nirvana.


The Moondoggies, Live Session #89

by oz on June 12, 2011

I first met The Moondoggies at Slims in San Francisco back in 2008. They made a trip down from their hometown of Seattle to play a few select dates in Northern California. I was a huge fan of their debut album, Don’t Be A Stranger, at the time and asked them if they had any plans to tour through Chicago. I mentioned our sessions and they said they’d love to, but weren’t sure when they’d be able to put together a real tour.

Two years later, The Moondoggies released an album called Tidelands, a cohesive body of Americana music that featured the same three-part harmonies found on their predecessor and a sound inspired by Neil Young and The Band. Tidelands quickly became one of my favorite albums of 2010.

I’ve since caught The Moondoggies in Atlanta and Austin and, although it took three years for a pass through the Windy City, we didn’t hesitate to extend an invitation for a live session last November. Enjoy the tracks.

The Moondoggies – Band Intro

Exclusive: The Moondoggies – What Took So Long

Exclusive: The Moondoggies – Empress Of The North

Exclusive: The Moondoggies – Fly Mama Fly

Exclusive: The Moondoggies – Down The Well

Download The Moondoggies Live Session as a zip file.

Video: The Moondoggies – What Took So Long

Video: The Moondoggies – Fly Mama Fly


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