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the maldives

A couple weeks back I got an email name-checking Gram Parsons, Crazy Horse and The Band. And then, as if my interest wasn’t already piqued, they said the band was from Seattle and along with another HearYa favorite, The Moondoggies, were bringing pedal steel to the birth city of grunge. If I was a puppy, I would have rolled over and let the PR person rub my belly. I was that excited to download that album.

But how many times does said excitement lead to letdown? Countless times. Its easy to name-check The Band, but The Maldives strike all the right notes. The nine-piece, yep I counted them myself on MySpace, produce a huge alt-county sound including an outstanding jam towards the end of “The Time Is Right Now.” They also work in a couple of country ballads, the best of them being “Say Nothing” that features a lovely accompanying female vocalist and a mournful violin that winds through the six minute tune.

Stompers, ballads, easy-going rockers – these boys have it all. Much like The Moondoggies, they aren’t afraid to stretch a song over 5 mintues which I absolutely love. They even slipped a 10 minute tune with the amazing “Walk Away.” The Maldives have done an amazing job of intertwining your traditional elements of country with just enough rock to give them a kick in the ass when necessary. They are still mainly working out in and around the West Coast but they have landed right on my radar here in The Midwest.

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The Maldives – Tequila Sunday

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Look Out For The Maldives

by That Guy on September 15, 2008

I had a buddy at school that was pretty nuts. He’d routinely go on 24+ hour benders, smoked so many cigarettes that his jaundiced fingers looked like a picture out of a junior high health book, and would get drunk and repeat the word “seriously” to you over and over again while trying to form a sentence. But the kicker was the way he used to let us know he was coming to visit Chicago. You’d always get an email the day of his visit saying, “I’m coming to Chicago. Look for me.” Classic. No specifics. No request to stay with you. No timetable. He just knew he’d hit enough bars that he’d run into you eventually. And you know what? Without fail, we’d randomly run into him with no change of clothes, no bag, and no clue what planet he was on – just a toothbrush tucked neatly in his breast pocket. Unreal.

The Maldives are kind of the same way. You probably haven’t seen them yet, but you will. Look for them. The Seattle up-and-comers are currently recording their first full-length album, and are bound to make an impact on the twangy, rocking country scene. A band of 9 dudes strong, they cover just about every stringed instrument on stage, from the banjo to the violin. Their first EP, the self-titled The Maldives, was pretty darn good. But early indications from the full-length album are even better. They’ve got a few free tracks for download on their MySpace page. I strongly recommend you download “Cold November” and “Tequila Sunday.”

Look for the new album to come out this winter along with a full review at HearYa. In the meantime, check out a couple of the more laid-back tracks off their first EP.

The Maldives – Goodbye

The Maldives – Darkness Follows

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