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It was funny that Stuart McLamb used kaleidoscope affects for the video for New Amsterdam as I am always reminded of a kaleidoscope when listening to Stuart McLamb’s project, The Love Language. All a kaleidoscope is just some colors working with multiple reflectors to give an optical mind-fuck. At their core, every song is simply a quality piece of indie-pop. But it is the filters and production that McLamb uses to create these magical bits of self expression.

Baby Grand is a wonderful addition to what was already an outstanding catalog of albums. The genesis of The Love Langauge’s fourth album was a breakup and a move out to the West Coast.The aforementioned New Amsterdam is the loud, cathartic track that leads into a more reserved McLamb as he muses about where things went wrong with Southern Doldrums. Those two back to back encapsulate everything I love about his music and was exactly what I was wanting when this announced.

That’s not to say, McLamb isn’t stretching his legs a little. Juiceboxx and Shared Spaces are a dance-rock one-two in the middle of the album. While I wouldn’t welcome a whole album of it, I liked hearing his take on the genre. On the back end, there is no shortage of gems. Castle In The Sky starts off with just Stu strumming a guitar before easing into a shoegazey-arena rock blend that is most enjoyable. The album closes with one of the album’s highlights, Glassy, where McLamb reflects on how we got to where is now.

When I posted the announcement for Baby Grand, I said Hearya’s infatuation was irrational. I take that back. It is completely fucking rational as Stu’s music is outstanding and I love listening it. So there.

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The Love Language are here


Photo Credit – Marci Hohner

Our little website has an irrational love affair with Stu McLamb and The Love Language. When Stu started dropping hints about a new album, I was stalking Merge’s PR team like Jennifer Jason Leigh in Single White Female. Finally, they relented and gave me a sneak peak. It is fabulous. I fucking love it. Here’s some more words from Merge.

You may not be able to see the gorgeous landscapes behind Baby Grand, but they’re so essential to the picture you’ll feel them in every note. Started in, of all places, a cavernous Virginia hammock factory, fragmentary demos came alive when splashed by sunshine during a move across the country to California, where the album was completed. “It was something just about being in a new city, and a new light,” McLamb says, “and reopening the sessions, and this demo that I thought was a throwaway, suddenly I’m really feeling it….” You can hear the freedom kick in when the backwoods country shuffle of “Castle in the Sky” explodes into a full-on anthem, equal parts outstretched arms and pumped fists.

Yet so much lies in the shadows behind these tracks: other states, other lives, other dreams, other relationships—fogged over, perhaps, but there nonetheless. Yes, Baby Grand has its share of breakup songs—nobody writes those better than McLamb—but this time, even as something is being mourned, something else is being worked through; as lovers have been left behind, so have places and a time in life. Listen as the heartbreak and yearning of “New Amsterdam” come crashing down into the beautiful stasis of “Southern Doldrums” (the former was inspired by Cyndi Lauper and Joy Division, McLamb claims, while the latter draws upon John Cale’s meditative solo records).

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The Love Language are here


The Love Language – Ruby Red {Album Review}

by That Guy on July 23, 2013

The Love Language Ruby Red

Hell. Yes.

That’s what I emailed to a friend of mine in reply to the announcement he forwarded me saying The Love Language’s long-awaited album, Ruby Red, would be released in July. I immediately went to Merge Record’s website and pre-ordered the album. You don’t dick around when buying TLL albums, plus I wanted to be one of the first 250 preorders to get the 11-song cassette of demos.

So when Woody sent me a link last week with an advance release of the album, to say I was eager would be the understatement of the year. I was more eager than people on Twitter announcing Ray Manzarek’s (or any other musician we haven’t thought about for 20+ years) death. I ran to the fridge and opened a Great Lakes Rye of the Tiger IPA, put it in my beer koozie, clicked Woody’s link, and stared at the progress bar for 10 consecutive minutes while the file downloaded. I was so excited I couldn’t move. I looked like Napoleon Dynamite sitting in the van before prom waiting for Uncle Rico to finish selling a 32-piece set so he could pick up his date. My mouth was open a little bit. I was breathing hard through my mouth. I was ready.

Finally, I clicked play. And it felt good. It felt real good. The first track, “Calm Down”, is one of the best songs I’ve heard so far this year. Other standouts include “Kids”, “Faithbreaker”, and the album’s closer, “Pilot Light”. It’s a step forward for The Love Language, with more instrumentation and a more aggressive sound. I’m already looking forward to seeing the songs come alive on stage.

I’ve gotta say The Love Language and Stu McLamb, the real driving force behind the music’s moniker, have got to be one of the most under-appreciated independent acts over the last 4 years. I’d put the catalog of their 2009 S/T debut, 2010’s Libraries, and this year’s Ruby Red up against any other band’s catalog over the same time frame. Seriously, who has been better?

Get a taste of “Calm Down” below, buy any album from their catalog, and look for them on tour.

HearYa Live Sessions here and here.



HearYa has been waiting on this day for quite some time – new music from The Love Language. Shirk has become good friends with Stu McLamb over the years. They’ve been trading texts regarding the status of their 3rd LP. With every update Shirk gave me, I became more and more anxious to hear it. Based on the first single, Calm Down, it is going to be well worth the wait. The fine folks at Merge had this to say:

Gone are the days of a Love Language as a selfish salve for perpetual heartbreak. Ruby Red produces new standards for the Carolina pop songbook, finding The Love Language as an extroverted community art project made by responsible citizens of a loosely packed scene who know that Stuart McLamb will match whatever they contribute.

We have done two sessions with them. The video below is from the second effort. Check them out via the links below. Some of the best shit we’ve ever done.

Session One

Session Two


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