The District Attorneys

When he last checked in on them, The District Attorneys had just kicked out a great cover of Gillian Welch’s Wrecking Ball. Now the band is back with their proper full length debut, Slowburner, and they appear to have been studying at the temple of My Morning Jacket.

The lead single, “Confusion of Trust,” has a 60’s flavor to it, complete with swelling background vocals that will undoubtedly be a live favorite. Can I imagine a pack of drunken college kids singing whoa-oh-oh-oh along with the band? Yes, yes I can. They follow that up with “Worry About Your Health,” which is a little jarring after the anthemic “Confusion of Trust.” The guitar riff and vocals have shades of another Athens band, R.E.M. It grinds away with crunching guitars until about the 2:50 mark where the boys launch into a guitar solo that Carl and Yim would be proud to call their own.

Immediately after, we get a nice acoustic number in “Cherry Glow.” Its got all the requisite flourishes that you expect in an MMJ acoustic number. Lead singer Drew Beskin really channels his inner Yim Yames on this one and delivers a great tune.

The District Attorneys’ previous EP’s showd promise, but I didn’t anticipate them putting out an album of this quality. You can hear a couple tracks below and if you live in Atlanta or Athens, check out some shows. The rest of us will wait for tour dates out of the South.


Hailing from Atlanta and Athens, GA with vocals soaked in reverb, The District Attorneys are a 5-piece that just released an EP that points to a very bright future. The album was produced by Thomas Johnson and Carter King of The Futurebirds – an apt band for comparison.

Both bands are from Georgia. Both have released an EP that, while a little rough around the edges, shows great promise and lets their southern roots shine. The District Attorneys are a blend of Band of Horses and The Futurebirds with songs featuring giant hooks and even some Poison lyrics (Jerry Ten).

“Going To Carolina,” which is basically about going to Carolina, chugs along with some nice slide and harmonica over the ambling hook. “Splitsville” is a nice rabble-rouser with a tasty lick at the end. There are two songs for download below and the 7 song debut will have you humming along and tapping your feet.

The District Attorneys – Splitsville

The District Attorneys – Sweetheart All Reckless and Humble

Video: The District Attorneys – Sweetheart All Reckless and Humble