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Back in 2009, The Dexateens paid HearYa a visit to lay down a session in support of their album, Singlewide. As they were in the midst of recording their follow-up, the band broke up. Lee Bains III left to do Lee Bains III stuff and Teenage Hallelujah just kind of rotted in a can.

Five years later, the band led by frnont-man Elliott McPherson is back minus Lee with Taylor Hollingsworth subbing in. The Dexateens remain one of Southern Rock’s premier acts and we’re lucky to have them back.

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Promised Land Sound – Fading Fast {mp3}

by Woody on August 14, 2013


Promised Land Sound are a four piece based out of Nashville. They are releasing their debut on the Paradise of Bachelors label, which also brought us one of 2013’s best efforts in Hiss Golden Messenger’s Haw. They play a twangy sound that will recall Gram Parsons and the more contemporary Dexateens. The album will see the light of day on 9/24. Here’s what the label has to say.

The group emerged from the fertile Nashville garage scene, and in short order, they’ve managed to attract the admiration of esteemed folks like fellow Nashvillain Jack White, whose Third Man Records released a live Promised Land Sound 7”, deeming them “one of our favorite local bands” and describing them thusly: “They’re all youthful scruff and bluff, and they crank out tunes that would be right at home in Link Wray’s 3 Track Shack or hanging with the specters of long lost 45s that haunt Nashville’s overflowing legend-filled cemeteries.”

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I recently delved into the Twitter world and found some of it fascinating and useful; other parts contrived and nonsensical. But I have Twitter to thank for finding Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires when The Futurebirds tweeted about how they were the best thing since sliced bread.

While I still might be partial to sliced bread, this album is awesome. And like The Futurebirds, it turns out that Lee Bains III had paid HearYa a visit while a member of The Dexateens for their live session. Simply put – this album sounds like Alabama. While I’ve never been to Alabama, I do like a lot of music that hails from The Heart of Dixie and Bains III proudly wears his heart (i.e. his Dixie flag) on his sleeve

So many times, I get caught up on the first couple of songs on a new album, mostly because I am feeble-brained with a moderate case of ADD, but on There Is A Bomb In Gilead, it’s the last three songs that sealed the deal. “Roebuck Parkway” is a great acoustic number that would fit in nicely on Jason Isbell’s Here We Rest. Robeuck Parkway is the main thoroughfare through Birmingham and the tune reminicses on his youth in Alabama.

Next up is “Opelika,” a straight up country soul tune that sounds like it was a penned on a hot day on some dilapidated porch in rural Alabama. Oz thought it sounded like some early J.J. Grey and Mofro and that is a very apt description. I can also hear his time with The Dexateens shining through here.

Last up is the title track which came about because a young Lee Bains III confused the word “balm” with “bomb” from the gospel tune, “There Is A Balm In Gilead.” While he may have had his words mistaken, he clearly was paying attention to the music as this tune drips with the gospel sound that is so prevalent in the bible belt of America.

If you like Drive-By Truckers, The Dexateens or Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit, run to buy this. Send thank you emails to, tell me how fucking awesome I am in the comments section below, or tweet me @WoodyHearYa to have this come full circle.


The Dexateens – Live Session #51

by Woody on July 28, 2009

The Dexateens

Alabama vets, The Dexateens were to kind enough to stop by our studio earlier this summer. My appreciation for this band has grown over the years and the turning point was when they worked with Patterson Hood (Drive-By Truckers) on Hardwire Healing. Patterson is one of the icons of the alt-country genre and his influence is ever present in the music of The Dexateens.

Their latest effort, Singlewide, has enjoyed steady play in my rotation this summer. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating – it is the perfect evening album for the summer. It’s easy-going vibe is the perfect transition as day turns into night and the kids head off to bed.

The boys laid down four live tracks during their visit to Chicago. “Granddaddy’s Mouth is a tune that didn’t really stand out‚  during my countless album spins, but it was the one that knocked my socks off.‚  It has a nice mid-70s Stone vibe, back when they weren’t trying too hard to be the Stones. Thanks for listening enjoy the downloads.

The Dexateens – Trail

The Dexateens – Can You Whoop It

The Dexateens – Grandaddy’s Mouth

The Dexateens – Down Low

Video: The Dexateens – Grandaddy’s Mouth

Dexateens – “Grandaddy’s Mouth” – HearYa Live Session 5/20/09 from on Vimeo.


The Dexateens – Singlewide [Album Review]

May 29, 2009

The Dexateens take it easy on Singlewide. Building on the success of Hardwire Healing and using a few tricks they picked up while working with Patterson Hood of Drive-By Truckers, the boys from Alabama decide to dial things down a notch on their fourth album. And while the amps may not be as high as […]

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The Dexateens release Down Low mp3 and video in support of new album

April 22, 2009

Alt-Country southern rockers, The Dexateens, will be releasing a new album of hillbilly music entitled Singlewide via Skybucket / Cornelius Chapel Records on May 12th (our review is coming soon). They’ll be touring this summer in support of the album, including dates with The Features and Those Darlins. Here’s the first track released in audio […]

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