The Devil Makes Three

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Pete Bernhard, Lucia Turino, and Cooper McBean, aka The Devil Makes Three are a HearYa staple. Chains Are Broken is the trio’s first album of original tune’s since 2013’s I’m A Stranger Here and the first to include a drummer, Stefan Amidon, for the proceedings. I’ve seen them with Stefan a few times so it isn’t completely foreign to me. New West Records will be releasing this bad boy on August 24th. Here’s some more info on the album.

For as much as The Devil Makes Three remain rooted in troubadour traditions of wandering folk, Delta blues, whiskey-soaked ragtime, and reckless rock ‘n’ roll, the band nods to the revolutionary unrest of author James Baldwin, the no-holds barred disillusionment of Ernest Hemingway, and Southern Gothic malaise of Flannery O’Connor. In that respect, Chains Are Broken resembles a dusty leather bound book of short stories from some bygone era. “I always want our songs to unfold like short stories,” affirms Pete Bernhard. “You could think of them as chapters of a book.

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The Devil Makes Three is here



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When DM3 announced that their 5th LP would be comprised of all covers, I was not overly excited. As a rule, I tend not to enjoy covers albums. But as Katy Goodman & Greta Morgan’s excellent album proved earlier this year, rules are made to be broken. And now with the excellent, Redemption & Ruin, I might need to rethink my rule altogether.

The brilliance of the album is its theme – 6 songs of ruin followed by another half-dozen of redemption. Enlisting the help of Emmylou Harris, Tim O’Brien, Jerry Douglas, Darrell Scott and guitar great Duane Eddy, Pete, Cooper & Lucia trio fires through covers by Townes, Waits, Willie and Robert Johnson to name a few. The band has done a great job of putting their stamp on these tracks. We didn’t write these songs,” says Pete Bernhard, “So they’re up for interpretation, and really that’s the best approach to take anyway. If you invite someone to play on your album you obviously like them and trust what they do. So arrangements changed drastically. Most of the arrangements we went in there with were not the ones that we came out with. And that’s exactly what we were hoping for.”

With tunes like Drunken Hearted Man, I Gotta Get Drunk and I’m Gonna Get High; the opening side is definitely a damn good time. But the tide begins to turn with the dark cover of Townes’ Waiting Around To Die. The back half opens with the upbeat There’ll Be A Jubilee and doesn’t let up from there with ripping versions of I’m The Man Thomas and What Would You Give before ending with the dark tune of Hank’s Angel Of Death.

Redemption & Ruin started as inspired idea by a trio of friends that have been playing together for 15 years. Their vision was expertly executed and will make a worthy addition to your collection. And make sure you them live as that is where they really shine.

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The Devil Makes Three is here



A Devil Makes Three show is a hot mess. Everybody is grooving and if you look around; all you see are heads bobbing up in town. Most everybody is singing along and the place is hot as shit due to all the dancing. The crowd; well the crowd is a mix of all types – hippies, yuppies, hipsters, you name it. It is a special show to be a part of and difficult to recreate on an album. I wonder if that’s why it takes them so long in between albums. I mean who would want to stop playing shows that much fun to record in a studio.

I’m A Stranger Here is the first DM3 studio album in four years. To help them capture that feeling, they enlisted Nashville legend Buddy Miller to produce. Buddy and the band did a great job as the album was live-tracked with all of then playing in the same room. The crux of the band is the same – Cooper and Pete strumming on an acoustic guitar and/or banjo while Lucia slaps the stand-up bass while providing pitch-perfect backup vocals at every turn. The album is everything you hoped the new DM3 album would be with some subtle flourishes to build on their sound including horns and fiddle on some tracks.

Two of my standout tracks are the porch-stomping tracks of Spinning Like A Top and Hallelu, which is my favorite track of the album with its fantastic chorus of They say Jesus is coming, He Must be walking, he sure ain’t running. Who can blame him, Look how we’ve done him. Hallelu. The call and response in the Forty Days is a treat as Lucia’s vocals sound fantastic on this track. And the closing track; the twangy ballad – Goodbye Old Friends is a thing of beauty.

If DM3 are going to keep on knocking out albums that are this damn good, I will be willing to keep waiting four years between releases. To help pass the time, I plan on seeing them live once or twice between the next album because as good as their albums are; the live sets are twice as good.


Sorry, we’ve been a little out of the loop this last week or so. School started back up and we’re all trying to find our rhythm again. So we’re going to ease back into things with some of our favorites.


First up is HearYa session alumni, The Devil Makes Three. Since releasing Do Wrong Right in 2009, they’ve grown giant beards, played at Lolla and other major festivals, released an excellent live album and shaved off said beards.

Finally, four years later we’re getting the follow up with I’m A Stranger Here on October 29th. The album was tracked by Nashville legend Buddy Miller at Dan Auerbach’s place. That’s a lot of pedigree right there and judging by the first track, Stranger, we are in for a real humdinger of an album.


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