Squirrel Flower

Photo Credit: Ally Schmaling

Squirrel Flower, the moniker of Ella O’Connor Williams, is set to release her debut LP, I Was Born Swimming, on 1/31/20 via the fine folks of Polyvinyl Records. The lead track, Red Shoulder, lands right in my sweet spot. Crunchy guitars, vocals that are deep and emotional. If you dig Lucy Dacus, Julien Baker, Sharon van Etten; run don’t walk to listen to this one. Here’s some more info from the PR team.

The album’s title was inspired by Williams’ birth on August 11th 1996 – the hottest day of the year – born still inside a translucent caul sac membrane, surrounded by amniotic fluid. Throughout the 12 songs, landscapes change and relationships shift. The album’s lyrics feel like effortless expressions of exactly the way it feels to change — abstract, sad and hopeful.

Squirrel Flower’s music is ethereal and warm, gushing with emotional depth that the listener can step into like a warm bath. The band on I Was Born Swimming plays with delicate intention, keeping the arrangements natural and light.

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Squirrel Flower is here