Sleepy Vikings

Sleepy Vikings are a band from Tampa worth checking out at SxSW. The six-piece plays a jangly brand of shoegaze – a brand that I typically don’t reach for when grabbing new music. But after receiving an email from Conner, the lead guitarist, I was hooked on his handy work.

While most bands labeled as “shoegaze” tend to lose me after a few tunes, I found myself anxious to see what tricks were coming up next. Maybe its because I am sucker for bands that work the male-female vocals, but I think it’s mostly because they put forth a great effort to create an album full of turns and twists while never veering far from their sound’s foundation.

I am in love with “Flashlight Tag.” The song is a little more upbeat than the others and Tessa McKenna’s vocals are spot on. Full of tempo changes, the tune wouldn’t miss a beat on 120 Minutes. “Dear Long Distance” is another favorite that features Conner on lead vocal duties.

Sleepy Vikings have a sound reminiscent of 90s college radio. And while I wouldn’t call that my wheelhouse, The Sleepy Vikings have me hooked. I will be catching them in Austin in a couple days.

Sleepy Vikings – Calm