Royal Headache

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I loved the music of Royal Headache and was bummed to hear when they broke up for good this time around. But alas, the front-man Shogun has emerged with a new gig. Here’s some info from the PR team

With this new project, listeners shouldn’t expect Royal Headache 2.0, but rather a crystallization and evolution of Shogun as a musician and songwriter, drawing on his own experiences of madness, addiction, hurt and hope. Of the two tracks, Shogun says: “There’s no real message in these songs. I think I keep my lyrics ambivalent deliberately. I like it when you can feel a meaning or presence in a song but you can’t pinpoint what it is. That way the listener can create their own meaning.”

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Royal Headache – High [album review]

by Woody on November 12, 2015


This album came out a few months ago and my love for it has been growing since. High is the sophomore effort for the Sydney foursome. Their s/t debut was solid but didn’t have any real staying power for me. So why is High so beloved by my? I think it comes down to the mix of the vocals.

For a band that plays a brand of heart-on-your-sleeve garage-punk, it was tough to deal with the vocals being muddled in the mix, especially when the lead singer’s name is Shogun. It fed into the punk ethos but burying him in there was wasting him. On High, Shogun’s vocals are front and center as the rest of the band – Law (guitar), Joe (bass), and Shortty (drums) – fire through a 30 minute blast of goodness.

That’s not to say that High is all spit-polished. It still carries a raw energy to it that is palpable. Whether Shogun is screaming ” I Need You” or calling his ex “Garbage” there is no hiding his feelings.

High is an album you get drunk to. High is an album you sing loud with your buddies. High is an album you fall in love to. High is an album you listen to when your heart gets broken. Enjoy the hell out of it. I sure have.

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