credit Alex Basse

ROOKIE has signed to Bloodshot Records for their s/t debut in a move that feels as right as eating Cookie Dough Ice Cream while watching The Bachelor with my daughter. I’ve seen these fellas around town in Chicago and they play good ol’ fashioned rock ‘n’ roll. Get excited, this is gonna be a good one. Here’s some info from the PR team.

ROOKIE’s modern take on timeless American rock ‘n’ roll pulls from all corners of the sonic map; it’s familiar but fresh, lived-in but blown-out. It’s the ‘70s/’80s pop-rock sheen of Cheap Trick, 3-minute precision songwriting of Big Star, loose Neil Young Americana, and hazey, psych-flavored boogie of the Allman Brothers and Thin Lizzy. Though barely able to comfortably fit on most stages, once they’re plugged in and smooshed together it’s a potent blend of power chords, blistering leads, and performance prowess beyond their years.

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ROOKIE is here