Ratboys – GN (album review)

by Woody on August 31, 2017


Photo by Johnny Fabrizio

Admittedly, I had dismissed this album after hearing the first single. It just didn’t connect with me and with the sheer flood of music that comes in, it got lost in the shuffle. But being that they’re from Chicago, I decided to dig into album earlier this week after I saw that they were touring with Diet Cig. And man, am I glad that I did.

The two main members are Julia Steiner and Dave Sagan. Together they have crafted a wonderfully captivating album that challenges you. This isn’t so much a collection of tunes, as a collection of stories. My favorite track is Elvis In The Freezer, a tune about a family’s pet being put down. Kind teeters on that indie/twang fence like the best Silver Jews tunes, albeit with female vocals. Great horns and slide guitar really take this track to the next level. It has such a nice big happy finish.

Looking for tales on a feral German boy adopted by the King of England (Peter The Wild Boy) or Antarctic explorer, Douglas Mawson, told from his perspective (Crying About The Planets); they’ve got you covered. They are wonderfully detailed and executed.

I’ve gone from dismissing this album to obsessing over it. One of favorites of the year.

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