quiet light

roadkill ghost choir

Around February, we start getting flooded with emails about bands going to Austin for SXSW. We miss at least half of them but every year we wind up with a few new bands that become “must-see” at SXSW. Last year Pickwick and Field Report were a couple of those acts. Over the next month, we will try and spotlight some lesser known acts that you should make a point of catching in Austin, or anywhere for that matter.

Say hello to Roadkill Ghost Choir from Deland, FL, a band that I will definitely cross paths with in Austin. The sextet was formed spur of the moment to back up Andy Shepard. I first became enamored with them after watching the video below. Made over nine months, it combines water color paintings, digital illustration and other illustrations. It is painstakingly gorgeous and was created by Jaime Margary.

After digging into their amazing EP, Quiet Light, I was hooked. Americana in nature with hints of bluegrass, they mix in some elements of electronica like Other Lives or My Morning Jacket to give some tunes a spacey feel. The fourth track, Tarot Youth, is a brilliant example of this. Every song is a excellent in its own regard and the band shows some quality in different sounds. Devout has an MMJ circa At Dawn feel to it and Bird In My Window, the song in the video below, is a gentle acoustic number and a great way to exit the EP.

Hopefully, Quiet Light is the start of something big for Roadkill Ghost Choir. You can stream the whole EP below and when you are as smitten as I am, you can buy it for $5 here.