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Pearly Gate Music [Album Review]

by Woody on August 2, 2010

Pearly Gate Music, essentially just Zach Tillman with help from a few others, including his brother Josh (aka J. Tillman), has just put out one of the finer debuts of the year. And while its sound is not easy to label, it is certainly easy to enjoy. On first listen I was immediately reminded of Elvis Perkins, another songwriter with unique ideas and a lo-fi aura.

What really stands out is the album’s spontaneity and authenticity. It feels as if it was created on the fly in the studio. Some of my favorite tracks include The Big Escape, If I Was A River, and Rejoice, but my favorite is Gossamer Hair. I have know clue what Gossamer Hair is but I do remember Gossamer from Bugs Bunny.

If this is the music they’ll be playing when St. Peter is rendering his decision on my fate at the Pearly Gates, I might let a few people skip me in line and enjoy the full show.

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Pearly Gate Music – Big Escape

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Pearly Gate Music is an incredibly talented gentleman by the name of Zach Tillman, who makes beautiful, unusual, simple-yet-complicated songs structured around his extraordinary singing and melodic sense. I stole that line from the press release because I love the track, but am unfamiliar with the artist. I’ll report back after listening to an album.

Zach and band will be touring the country, including appearances at SxSW, in the months leading up to the release of their self-titled debut.

Pearly Gate Music – I Was A River (live)