Photo credit to Charlotte Tobin

Melbourne’s Parsnip are set to release their debut LP, When The Tree Bears Fruit on 8/30 via the fine folks at Trouble In Mind. The track below, Rip It Off, is an energetic number built on a catchy riff. The quartet will be hitting the States later this year. Here’s some more info from the PR team.

An album perpetually in motion, When the Tree Bears Fruit is just over half an hour of absurd, understated energy. There’s an immediacy to the sheer joy, velocity and whimsy of Parsnip’s delivery. Bass player and most-of-the-time lyricist Paris Richens is the first to admit that she finds inspiration in children’s verse and the sonics of nursery rhymes – “Sprouts” is an ode to plants in their first form, and “Trip the Light” is about the sheer joy of dancing. That said, Richens’ bandmates – drummer Carolyn Hawkins, guitarist Stella Rennex and keys player Rebecca Liston – are quick to remind her that nursery rhymes are almost always pretty twisted.

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Parsnip is here