Pale Young Gentlemen

Pale Young Gentlemen were my biggest surprise of 2007. Their debut self-titled album arrived discreetly in the mail with cover art adorned with nothing more than the head of an elk. We ended up placing them in our top 50 albums of 2007 and I classified their sound under a new genre; indie-vaudeville.

The Madison, WI band has toned down the burlesque theatrics on their follow up release, Black Forest (Tra La La), but they are no less creative. Pale Young Gentlemen are not your average five piece and they aren’t satisfied playing catchy three-chord tunes. They are a cerebral rock and roll orchestra whose arrangements are as smart as their lyrics.

I remember having trouble writing my review of their last album. I struggled to paint a picture of what was going through my mind while listening to their music. I have the exact same problem with Black Forest (Tra La La). The album is difficult to put into words because Pale Young Gentlemen are the soundtrack for your daydreams.

Let’s just keep it simple. You’ve got two tracks below to sample and if you like Andrew Bird, Pale Young Gentlemen are required listening for you.

Pale Young Gentlemen – Coal/Ivory

Pale Young Gentlemen – The Crook Of My Good Arm