Okay Kaya

Okay Kaya – Ascend and Try Again

by Woody on September 18, 2019

Photo Credit : Coco Capitán

Okay Kaya is the project of Norwegian-born, New York-based Kaya Wilkins. She has joined the fine folks at Jagjaguwar and will be releasing an LP next year. Her new single was either based on my family’s first scuba dive this past year or maybe about the following.

The track was inspired by an offer to appear in a Swedish film that required Kaya to essentially become a professional grade scuba diver. Although an inner-ear proclivity for infection kept her out of the film, her studying for the role proved fruitful; she found that scuba theory is not so different from self-care and mental health mantras. A sonic representation of watching a bubble roll past your scuba mask and up through the dark water toward the light, she pulls phrases from her scuba manuals — “Breath regularly,” “Never, ever hold your breath,” “Find a neutral buoyancy” —and underscores their dual uses. These words will help you when you’re 20-feet below the ocean’s surface, but they also might get you through the palpitations and chest pain of an anxiety attack.

Okay Kaya is here