Nilufer Yanya

Nilufer Yanya announces debut LP Miss Universe

by Woody on January 22, 2019

Photo Credit: Molly Daniel

London’s Nilufer Yanya has announced her debut LP via the fine folks at ATO. Yanya has released three EPs to date. To date, I’ve liked some stuff and some other stuff has left me wanting. But the first track off Miss Universe, In Your Head, is a winner. Here’s some more info on her from her label.

Though she’d been writing songs in her head since she was six, and on the guitar since she was 12, it took a long time for Nilüfer Yanya to work up the courage to show anyone her music. “I knew I wanted to sing, but the idea of actually having to do it was really horrifying,” says the 23-year-old. When she was finally persuaded to do so, by a music teacher in West London where she grew up, she says “it was horrible. I loved it”.

At 18, Nilüfer – who is of Turkish-Irish-Bajan heritage – uploaded a few demos to SoundCloud. Though she’s preternaturally shy, her music – which uniquely blends elements of soul and jazz into intimate pop songs with electronic flourishes and a newly expressed grungy guitar sound – isn’t. And it didn’t take long for it to catch people’s attention.

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