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This track has a certain grime to it that reminds me of Nick’s first album and I’m all in for this. The self-titled release will be out on 3/8 via the fine folks at Innovative Leisure. Here’s some more info from the PR team.

There’s a reason why Nick chose to name this, his fourth album, his self-titled release. While he has always had a “style is all his own” according to NPR, this album is a deeper reflection of the cultural and emotional firmament that has made Nick the artist he is today: his passions and influences; his love and outrage. The music of Irma Thomas and Chico Hamilton; the films of Robert Siodmak and Adam Curtis. The good old bad days in San Francisco, Detroit, and Los Angeles. It’s an intoxicating world, and this album invites you to get lost in it.

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Never Twice is Nick Waterhouse’s third album. Waterhouse is not one to chase trends. He strikes me as a man deeply committed to his vision and his craft. I envision him hearing every note in his head and then surrounding himself with the best possible people that will help his vision come to life.

For Never Twice, Waterhouse went back to Michael McHugh; the man who first put Nick on tape. His inspiration in going back to McHugh was to capture the spirit of his youth. From there, Nick started getting the band together like The Jake & Elwood including jazz musician Bob Kenmotsu’s contributed flute, Tom Waits and Elvis Costello collaborator Ralph Carney on sax, Dr. Lonnie Smith protege Will Blades on Organ.

The results are stellar. Waterhouse’s dedication to the rhythm and blues sound of yesteryear is without peer. There are a couple of nice surprises on the album as well. His cover of Dylan’s Baby, I’m In The Mood For you Is great. The organ laying down a nice swampy foundation as Waterhouse grooves. He also invites Leon Bridges to help out on the track titled Katchi, a term that Bridges’ mom used for loving touch.

Waterhouse never feels forced or kitschy like some other acts who try to recreate a sound from yesteryear. The man just keeps kicking out albums steeped in history that are top-notch.

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Nick Waterhouse annouces Never Twice, 9/30/16

by Woody on September 12, 2016

Nick Waterhouse New Album Main

Nick Waterhouse is back with his third effort, Never Twice, out on 9/30 via Innovative Leisure. Waterhouse puts on one of the best live sets you’ll have the pleasure to see and hear. Below are a couple of tracks, including one with Leon Bridges. Here’s what Waterhouse had to tell Fader.

The track features his pal Leon Bridges and riffs on Bridges’ family name for a massage – “Katchi.” “Leon and I were in Fort Worth hanging out at a friend’s place getting massages. He was laying on the table while I strummed the chords, bare chested, he shouted out “she give me KATCHI!”… His mother’s old Louisiana Indian term for ‘loving touch’. We rode it out and next thing we know we had a straight cruiser,”

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Nick Waterhouse – Holly [album review]

by Woody on March 20, 2014


I watch a lot of soccer. At home, at the office, at bars; you name it. It is hands down my favorite sport. Sometimes during a game, a player can unleash a thunderbolt of a shot making him an instant hero. Truth be told, it can be a great player or a decidedly average player who just caught lightning in a bottle. Either way, it is amazing and captures the eyes of even those who scoff at soccer. Then there is the player who spends 90 minutes using his guile, experience and God-given abilities to carve out space, spray passes around and generally dictate the pace of the game. While not noticed by the casual fan, true fans of the beautiful sport marvel at how they just ooze class with every touch of the ball.

What does that have to do with Nick Waterhouse’s sophomore effort? Nick’s debut album, Time’s All Gone, was almost like that thunderbolt goal. With tunes like Say I Wanna Know and Is That Clear, combined with his live shows; Waterhouse came on like a house on fire. But could he follow up with a solid follow-up? My answer is yes and the beauty in the album is that it oozes class in such subtle fashion.

Waterhouse is an avid fan of music from a time past. His social media makes it inherently clear that this isn’t some passing fancy for Waterhouse, where he tries to tap into a fad. Seeing him referenced in an article about that assclown, Robin Thicke, made any purist cringe. Waterhouse is a true student of the game and his love of 60s R&B and Soul show throughout the album. That not only permeates in the songwriting but in the production as well. Waterhouse knows his away around the knobs as evident of his work with the Allah-Lahs. And on top of all that, he’s an ace with the guitar.

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Waterhouse can be found here.

Nick Waterhouse “This is a Game” from Aram Stith on Vimeo.

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