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I have an unhealthy amount of love for McEntire’s work, both solo and with Mount Moriah. So I don’t know how I missed the announcement for the follow up to LIONHEART. The fine folks at Merge will be releasing this fine album on 8/21. Here’s some info from the Merge PR folks.

Unlike McEntire’s solo debut, LIONHEART, which was recorded in sporadic bouts and fits while she was touring, Eno Axis is firmly rooted in place. After two years working all over the world as a backup singer in Angel Olsen’s band, McEntire came home to a hundred-year-old farmhouse tucked away in the woods of Durham, North Carolina, right on the Eno River. Here, McEntire was able to refocus. Like the blue-collar Appalachian kin she descended from, her days were scheduled by the clockwork of the Earth’s rotation: splitting wood, stacking it, weeding and watering the garden, walking the dog past the bridge and back—and every evening on the front porch, watching dusk fall. Eno Axis emerges from this time as the strongest work McEntire has shared yet.

With Eno Axis, H.C. McEntire establishes herself as a force to be reckoned with in the greater American musical landscape. These songs transcend country and gospel, folk and rock—they’re poems directed straight to the listener, simple psalms on how the sun falls, how the train passes, how love grows and bends. McEntire inspires us to find the stillness within our own lives—a remarkable clear-ringing declaration for our uncertain times.

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H.C. McEntire – LIONHEART (Album Review)

by Woody on January 31, 2018

LIONHEART sees Heather McEntire stepping out on our own after three magnificent albums with Mount Moriah. With Kathleen Hanna providing the spark to make this record, McEntire enlisted the help of Phil Cook, William Tyler, Angel Olsen among others and the results are fantastic.

Like Mount Moriah, the album is rooted in Americana. The album opens up with A Lamb, A Dove. The tune explores her sexuality in a gospel-themed track; an oxymoron in the traditional country music scene. In today’s time, tracks that ring true with lines “I have found heaven in a woman’s touch. are the pillars we need to carry on. It is an inspired choice to open the album. A couple tunes later, McEntire strikes a more defiant tone with Yellow Roses, in that she wants to be recognized and accepted for her true self.

LIONHEART reminds me of another Merge artist, Hiss Golden Messenger. Both of these artists come across as spiritual without being judgy or preachy; they look to see the good in the world through all the negativity and conflict. That takes a considerable amount of introspection and I’d imagine that it isn’t easy, but with both the results are always stunning.

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Photo courtesy of Merge

Here at HearYa (yes I just wrote it), we love Mount Moriah something fierce. Now lead singer, H.C. McEntire is releasing a solo album. The driving force behind getting this album made was none other than Kathleen Hanna. The track below sounds like Mount Moriah in that it has some Americana flavor, but man is this track soulful. Simply put, I absolutely love this track.

She says of the album: “In music, there are no rules. You make your own language. You can be both the Southern rock outlier and the twangy gospel conduit. You can be both the cherubic, honey-tongued innocent and the ardent punk. To get here—to find my lion heart—I had to become them all.”

LIONHEART is a collection of songs inspired by the American South and a desire to reclaim “country” music from the hetero-normative, homogenous schtick of tailgates and six-packs and men chasing women. Stereogum describes McEntire’s voice as “weary, wise, and bright as morning sunshine all at once,” and that sunshine glows throughout the triumphant LIONHEART.

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Mount Moriah – How To Dance {album review}

by Woody on February 22, 2016


Mount Moriah tweeted out that statement when they announced How To Dance. And they backed up their statement of intent, as they have ratcheted their game up on their third album, How To Dance. Their first two efforts were excellent due to solid songwriting, Heather McEntire’s twang and the unreal tones that Jenks Miller would produce out of his guitar. Their music was a constant joy that I would find myself reaching for in a variety of settings.

But my word, How To Dance is pretty spectacular. It just seems like there is more going on. The songs are fleshed out with horns, strings and a more ambitious rhythm section. McEntire and Miller could have kept cranking out twang albums in the same manner and cobbled together a nice Americana catalog.

Yet, How To Dance is McEntire and Miller challenging themselves and answering the bell. With the bigger and more complex sound, McEntire’s vocals somehow seems to stand out more than on prior effots. Miller’s guitar playing has never been better. For someone who’s other job is a metal band, he has always showed amazing restraint with Mount Moriah. During his live shows, it barely looks like he’s trying but the yet magic would calmly ooze out of his guitar. The restraint is still here but it sounds like he enjoys having the additional texture in the tunes.

As much as like their first two efforts, these songs seem to stick with you longer. Baby Blue, Cardinal Cross and the title track really have staying power. I love seeing a band take a big step forward and this album really makes me happy.

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Mount Moriah announce new album, How To Dance 2/26/16

November 10, 2015

Mount Moriah have just announced the first album of 2016 that is guaranteed to be on HearYa’s best of 2016 list. For those not familiar with Mount Moriah, they are a throwback twang band fronted by the vocal styling of Heather McEntire with a guitarist, Jenks Miller, that gets some of the amazing tones you’ll […]

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Mount Moriah release new track, announce 7″

September 22, 2015

Long time HearYa favorites, Mount Moriah, have released a new track to tide you over until they release their third LP. Here’s a little on the 7″ – “Calvander” adds sprightly horns to the beauty of Heather McEntire’s powerful voice as she narrates a fierce journey toward redemption. A demo “garage rock” version of new […]

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Mount Moriah – Miracle Temple [album review]

July 16, 2013

Was reminded that we had forgot to review this album when I received an email from Merge on Mount Moriah’s new video for White Sands. I hadn’t listened to Miracle Temple for a month or so but upon revisiting it, I loved it even more. Lead singer Heather McEntire is often compared to a young […]

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Mount Moriah – Younger Days [mp3]. Miracle Temple out 2/26/13

December 11, 2012

Back in 2011, HearYa became smitten with Mount Moriah. Later that year, they graced HearYa World Headquarters with a memorable session. As we enter 2013, they are getting to release their follow up to that amazing debut on the legendary Merge Records. It will be called Miracle Temple and will be released on Feb 26. […]

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Mount Moriah signs with Merge Records

September 18, 2012

Got some great news today. HearYa session alumni Mount Moriah has signed to the legendary Merge Records. We have decided to take all the credit as I am sure that most of it was based on our HearYa Session. Mount Moriah join HearYa alumni The Love Language who also joined Merge after a HearYa Session […]

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Mount Moriah, Live Session #95, featuring unreleased “Swannanoa”

November 4, 2011

Mount Moriah is my favorite discovery of 2011. Founding members, Heather McEntire and Jenks Miller, admit to resenting their North Carolinian Southern Gospel roots in their former bands. In creating Mount Moriah, however, they embrace folk, gospel and alt-country in pursuit of a gorgeous and melancholy batch of songs that underscores the changing season. After […]

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