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I am absolutely love everything that Matthew E. White touches. His two albums and his studio, Spacebomb, are forces to be reckoned with. I truly think that White is a visionary and one of the pioneers of this generation of music.

Needless to say, I was excited to hear that he was teaming up with British singer/songwriter Flo Morrissey for an eclectic album of covers. Here’s the list below and a couple of samples.

Gentlewoman, Ruby Man Tracklist:
01. Look At What The Light Did (Little Wings cover)
02. Thinking ‘Bout You (Frank Ocean cover)
03. Looking For You (Nino Ferrer cover)
04. Colour of Anything (James Blake cover)
05. Everybody Loves the Sunshine (Roy Ayers cover)
06. Grease (Bee Gees cover)
07. Suzanne (Leonard Cohen cover)
08. Sunday Morning (Velvet Underground cover)
09. Heaven Can Wait (Charlotte Gainsbourg cover)
10. Govindam (George Harrison cover)

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Some people have crazy ideas and they turn out like shit. Our old friend, That Drinking Buddy Guy had developed a holistic, macro-biotic, fully recycled hand cream. Sadly, it didn’t work out and he lost everything which is why you haven’t heard from him in years. But then sometimes, those insane ideas work out great – free porn, a phone app that allows perfect strangers to drive you around and the McGriddle come to mind. Matthew E. White’s idea was Spacebomb Records, a fully functional studio and label, complete with a house band that could play anything you want at the drop of a hat. It was so retro that hipsters out-thunk themselves in coming up what to call it.

White’s debut, Big Inner, dropped in 2013 and seemed to signify a new era of singer/songwriter where production was crucial. A thought that my favorite writer, Steven Hyden, explored on Grantland. Big Inner harkened back to a time where songs were majestic affairs filled with so much texture that they were a joy to explore over and over again. The reception that Big Inner received has emboldened White on his latest effort, Fresh Blood. This was a meticulously planned effort and kudos for White & his cohorts for pulling it off.

Rock & Roll Is Cold is a rollicking track with a lovely piano melody moving things forward. While, I am not inside of White’s head; I am sure the sudden success must have introduced him to some of the best things and worst things in the music industry. The refrain of “Everybody likes to talk, everybody like to talk shit.”, complete with backup singers is priceless.

White also jumps into some heavy shit. Holy Moly simmers with rage as he question the Church’s continued blind eye towards the sexual abuse that takes place. His muted line of, “what’s wrong with you?” is gut-wrenching as it is repeated throughout the song as it comes to a boil. In fact it is much more than rage, it is fucking exasperation as how they let predators ruin kid’s lives when they are supposed to be protecting the kids.

Tranquility is a quiet tribute to the late actor, Phillip Seymour Hoffmann. While White didn’t know Hoffmann, White was one of many that were touched by Hoffmann’s movies. It is weird when you respect an artist or actor so much that you feel that you know them on some sort of a deep personal level. Hoffmann’s work had left a mark on White and he is going to miss him. His eloquent explanation on tumblr is worth reading.

I’ve caught him twice and really enjoyed them both times. I hope that as he continues to get bigger, he can bring a bigger outfit with him. This video of him with a 30 person-plus band is unreal. To see something like this at The San Jose this SXSW would be unreal.

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I loved Matthew E. White’s last album, Big Inner. The follow-up, Fresh Blood, will see the light of day on 3/10 via Domino Records. The first track is Rock ‘n’ Roll is Cold. Here’s some info from the PR team:

Fresh Blood marks the next chapter of White’s Richmond, VA-based Spacebomb — an analog studio, record label and production house with in-house strings, horns and a choir at his behest. Fresh Blood is a bracing, beguiling record and a bold advance for White – a record that feels like the brilliant bloom to Big Inner’s striking bud.

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Matthew E. White – Brazos [live video]

by Woody on October 10, 2012

Matthew E. White released a fantastic debut earlier this year. Now, he’s going to be hitting the road opening for The Mountain Goats.

This live video was recorded down at the Hopscotch Festival in Raleigh, NC. He also invited 30 of his closest friends to join him on stage. Its like Typhoon on steroids. The snog slowly builds and the finish is flat out amazing.


Matthew E. White – Big Inner [Album Review]

August 21, 2012

I love times when the book doesn’t match the cover. Looking at a photo of Matthew E. White, you’d immediately think that he is much more apt to crank out some Skynyrd inspired Southern rock jams than this blend of 70s pop, gospel and R&B. While I’ve never been more than a casual fan of […]

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