In 2016, I saw Lucius play four or fives tunes with Shovels & Rope in a tiny, tiny room at Newport Folk Fest. As we walked out, I mentioned to my buddy that I would love it if they would release an acoustic album. Voila, problem solved.

Of choosing to record an acoustic album, Jess and Holly say, “Amidst nearly every performance over the past few years, we’ve had the opportunity to strip away everything – be it at the center of the crowd, or on stage around one microphone, or in tiny, unexpected rooms around the world – all to share and create an intimate, heartfelt connection with our audience. It’s these moments that have inspired our newest project, NUDES. Recorded over two days at New York’s legendary Electric Lady Studios, NUDES is a collection of acoustic songs: new, from our back catalog – reimagined, and covers we’ve always wanted to record. It is a record giving homage to what has been…and a hint at what’s to come.”

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Lucius is here


Chimney announces debut LP for 6/23/17

by Woody on April 24, 2017


Chimney is the moniker of Dan Molad. Who’s Dan Molad you ask? Dan happens to be the drummer for Lucius. He also happens to be the producer for their albums, as well as many other albums. When listening or watching Lucius in concert it is easy to get wrapped up in the amazing harmonies of Jess and Holly. But then you’d be missing out on the amazing work of the three gentlemen behind them. So it’s nice to see Molad stepping out on his own. The album will be out on June 23rd via the fine folks of Dine Alone Records. Here’s some more info on the album.

Throughout Lucius’ success, Molad found himself in a period of transition: moving from New York to L.A., dealing with relationship strife and the death of longtime friend, Parks And Recreation writer Harris Wittels. As a result, there’s something that’s both painful and cathartic about Molad’s self-titled debut. Songs like “Little One” let Molad’s vulnerable yet deliberate vocals shine through while “The More You’re Holding (The More You’ve Got)” and “#31” are haunting, enigmatic earworms that speak to wanting to hold onto a relationship for dear life. The songs have a cohesive darkness to them and their meaning spills out like a stream of consciousness. It’s something that speaks to Molad’s candor and approach: “You don’t always intend for the theme that emerges — it just kind of reveals itself.”

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Wildewoman by Lucius surprised me by becoming one of my favorites of 2013. While its easy to get wrapped up in vocalists Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, upon numerous listens I really became enamored with the work that multi-instrumentalists Andrew Burri, Peter Lalish and Dan Molad do behind the scene. One without the other wouldn’t work in my opinion.

The first track, Born Again Teen, is very poppy. And I’ll be honest, at present its not my favorite tune that Lucius has done. But I would almost guarantee that I will love it when heard in the context of the full album. That was the beauty of Wildewoman for me. There were tunes that right in my traditional wheelhouse while others pushed my limits; but when listened to as a package, it was a joy. I imagine that Good Grief will elicit that same reaction.

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Lucius is here


Lucius – Wildewoman [album review]

by Woody on October 23, 2013


I resisted Lucius for as long as I could. I originally thought they were some kind of a hipster schtick act due to the matching outfits and retro girl-group influence. I reluctantly caught a set in SXSW and reluctantly enjoyed it. Still wasn’t really sold as anything more than a quick flash but then this video hooked be back in and hearing Wildewoman in its entirety made me realize how wrong I had been.

Wildewoman is wonderfully written, beautifully produced and flawlessly executed. I can’t remember the last time I was floored by an album where I went in expecting so little. For those of you left who don’t know about Lucius, they are fronted by Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig. The ladies sing as one on every song and the results are mesmerizing. Backed by three gentlemen, including Dan Molad, who had a hand in Ha Ha Tonka’s excellent latest effort, Lessons.

Much like Jonathan Wilson, Lucius visits an era from yesteryear and does it proud. At their core, it is easy to label them as a retro 60s girl group. But that doesn’t even scratch the surface as there are elements of twang, fuzzy pop and soul strewn thought the album. It was the mournful guitar of Go Home that first hooked me on this band but there is so much other things to love.

Nothing Ordinary is pop perfection with a meaty backbeat. In the wrong hands, it would be fleshed out with canned beats and I would despise this song. Following that up with the sparse beginning of The Two Of Us On The Run is fantastic album management. After the frenetic pace of Nothing Ordinary, the slow build to the ending payoff of The Two Of Us On The Run is absolutely fucking brilliant. And lest I forget the closer, How Loud Your Heart Gets. I love the space the band utilizes in the beginning of this track and then slowly builds up to one of the best choruses you’ll hear this year. Then they break it down mid-way, only to build it back up again with the ladies taking turns to sing solo for a few lines. It is goose-bump inducing and so powerful. Simply put, that is how you end a great album.

So to recap: Lucius, sorry I judged you before really listening. Thank you for proving me wrong and making an album that will stand the test of time in my collection.

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Lucius can be found here.


Phox – Slow Motion and Blue & White

September 18, 2013

Phox is a seven-piece outfit consisting of seven friends from Wisconsin. They have been getting a fair amount of buzz as of late. Much like Lucius, I can’t decide what I think of these guys. But then I can’t stop checking out their videos on YouTube. Anyway, the gal who sings lead vocals reminds me […]

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Lucius – Go Home

September 9, 2013

Lucius is a band out of Brooklyn that has been getting a ton of buzz, including a Band to Watch from Rolling Stone. I have seen a few things on them and caught a set down in Austin. Honestly, jury’s still out for me. But that being said, I do love this track and accompanying […]

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