Little Fish

Little Fish – Darling Dear [new mp3]

by Woody on November 16, 2009

little fish

British blues-garage-rock duo, Little Fish, are set make some noise over here in the States. Here’s what the PR had to say.

Once in a very long while a band comes along with a sound that is more than just music. It is raw seductive impulse revealed through mesmerizing vocals, raucous guitars and driving drums; this band is Little Fish. Hailing from Oxford, England, Little Fish is comprised of vocalist/guitarist/principal songwriter JuJu, a rail-thin force of nature (think Patti Smith meets PJ Harvey meets Chrissie Hynde), and drummer Nez, the propulsive undercurrent of the band, backed by a Hammond player in their live performance. Little Fish’s sound is at once sensual and urgent, yet intimate and haunting.

If you’re a fan of The Heartless Bastards, this should agree with you.

Little Fish – Darling Dear