Kopecky Family Band

Kopecky Family Band, Live Session #112

by oz on April 17, 2013

Kopecky Family Band

My discovery of Kopecky Family Band happened during one of those serendipitous moments at South By Southwest a couple/few years ago. I was at South Congress, walking in an alley behind Yard Dog Art Gallery to get to my next destination, when I heard some sweet music sounds coming from a small stage near a keg full of free beer. Never one to pass down free beers, I filled up a cup of Shiner Bock and settled in for a set from a band I’d never seen – Kopecky Family Band. It was one of my favorite SXSW discoveries – and completely accidental.

The band is Kelsey Kopecky (vocals, keys, bass), Gabe Simon (vocals, guitar, horns), Steven Holmes (guitar, lap steel), David Krohn (drums), Markus Midkiff (cello, guitar, keys), and Corey Oxendine (bass, guitar, horns). As you probably noticed by the last names, they are not blood relatives. Earlier this month, the band released Kids Raising Kids via ATO Records and it’s a fantastic body of work. The complexity in many of their songs is masked by the band’s chemistry and cohesive delivery and, as many of their fans will attest, their live shows bring the songs to life and are not to be missed.

The Nashville band is about to hit the road with tour dates listed through the end of August. Give a listen here and get on out to the rock show.


Kopecky Family Band Introduction

Exclusive: Kopecky Family Band – The Glow

Exclusive: Kopecky Family Band – Are You Listening

Exclusive: Kopecky Family Band – Angry Eyes

Download the Kopecky Family Band Live Session as a zip file.


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One of HearYa’s favorite labels, ATO Records, has picked up two phenomenal acts in the last two weeks. First up is Kopecky Famil Band out of Nashville, TN. Their full-length debut, Kids Raising Kids, was on HearYa’s top 50 of 2012. ATO will be re-releasing Kids Raising Kids on 4/2/13. HearYa will be releasing their HearYa session in the coming weeks.

Next up is J. Roddy Walston and The Business. The boys from Baltimore will be releasing their 3rd album and ATO debut this summer. Subsequently I will be drinking too much beer at a live show this summer, most likely high-fiving friend of HearYa, El Jefe. I had a heard some of the new stuff last SXSW and it was damn good. In the meantime, you can dig into our HearYa session for a taste of what you’re going to get.

So congrats to ATO, J. Roddy Walston and The Business and Kopecky Family Band. Much like my sorties to Kebablicious, this was money well spent.


Kopecky Family Band caught our attention in the fall of 2012 with the release of  Kids Raising Kids.  And after countless listens it became one of my most listened to albums of the year and we placed it in HearYa’s Top 50 albums of 2012.   Songs like My Way, Angry Eyes, Hope and The Glow  get regular airplay in my house.  The bridge section of The Glow in particular might be my favorite minute of anthemic indie-pop bliss to be released in 2012.

So when the Kopecky Family Band came through Chicago last October, we were excited to have them in for a HearYa Live Session.  Here is the first video from the session  – the rest is coming soon. Be sure to check them out as they headline Schubas this Saturday (1/26/13).  It’ll be my first time seeing them in concert and I’ve heard nothing but great things about their energy on stage.

Note: You may have noticed a slow release cycle with our recent HearYa Live Sessions.  I apologize for that.  Know that we’ve been hard at work and have big plans for 2013.  Next month we’re relocating SHIRK music + sound studios to a larger facility here in Chicago and ramping up our partnership with StubHub! as our official HearYa Live Session sponsor.  Sessions with Patterson Hood and Bahamas are due to be released very soon.


A couple of years ago at SXSW, Oz and I had the following text exchange:

Oz: You ever hear of The Kopecky Family?

Woody: One or two songs. They’re solid.

Oz: They are killing it at Yard Dog.

Woody: Really?

Oz: Yes. really.

Oz: Dumbass.

And with that exchange, I went from mildly interested to intrigued. It takes one spin of their full length debut to see that Oz wasn’t just drunk on free IPA but had the astute judgement of a seasoned music journalist. Kids Raising Kids is a 40 minute jolt that namesake, Kelsey Kopecky termed, “modern, more aggressive Fleetwood Mac” sound.

That is an apt description. And after sitting through a HearYa session and seeing them live that night, you see how the six-piece connects with the crowd and takes them some place special. That ability reminded me of a band close to HearYa’s heart in The Love Language. Much like The Love Language, Kopecky Family Band has these 3 to 4 minute high energy gems that when strung together leads to a blistering live set.

Kelsey shares the lead vocals with Gabe and they feed off each other like they share the same brain. From the indie pop of lead single of Heartbeat, to the anthemic My Way to the stripped down beauty of Change there is a chemistry that is tough to ignore. It permeates through the rest of the band – Steven, Markus, David and Corey – as they make it look effortless as they are having the time of their lives.

They have been grinding it out for 5 years with primarily the same lineup. During that time, they’ve released some excellent EPs but with Kids Raising Kids – you feel as if you’re listening to something special, something that they poured their everything into. I had the same feeling when I listened to Gorilla Manor. Both are infectious and addictive; and you feel the camaraderie of the band through their music. Get on board now. These guys are going places.

Kopecky Family Band – Heartbeat by FishyTunes


Kopecky Family Band – Heartbeat [video]

October 9, 2012

Heartbeat is the lead single from Kopecky Family Band’s debut album, Kids Raising Kids – coming out on 10/23. We’ve had the pleasure of having a chance to preview this album and we all have become quite smitten with it. Soon enough, Oz and I will write some half-assed review proclaiming it as great or […]

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