Julia Shapiro

Julia Shapiro

Julia Shapiro is part of the excellent Seattle band, Chastity Belt. After pulling out of a Chastity Belt tour in 2018 due to some health issues, Shapiro suffered an “existential crisis.” That led her to do something she’d always wanted to do – record and mix her own album. Perfect Vision will see the light of day on June 14th via the fine folks of Hardly Art. Here’s some more info from the press release.

Shapiro has a knack for turning simple images into something profound, drawing influence from songwriters like Elliott Smith to capture complicated moods. The everyday act of circling the block trying to find a parking spot becomes a metaphor for trying and feeling like you can’t quite get anything done. “All my problems feel like paper/I can finally rip them up,” she sings on the title track, describing a moment of lightness in hanging out with friends who can find humor in your failure “at least I have my friends to laugh at what I’ve done.”

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