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The Traditionist is contrarian. The man behind the moniker is actually Joey Barro of the Antiques and, for those that unfamiliar with their lazy California alt-country sound, The Traditionist is not nearly as…traditional. On Season To Season, Barro stretches his legs to find new sounds and the result is a deeply personal album.

If you haven’t been following HearYa since April of 2007 (that’s 99% of you), you probably didn’t see our very first live session recorded in San Francisco with Joey Barro at Michael Winger’s studio. Prior to the session, I got a quick glimpse inside the recording of Season To Season at Tim Bluhm’s (of the Mother Hips) studio. Jackie Greene was also there, but he was mostly looking at surfing websites. Enough name dropping. I really just said “hello,” sat in a corner and drank a Budweiser.

One of the tracks that emerged in our session with Barro was “I Know My Ocean.” Here we are, two years later, and that same track is now on his first release as The Traditionist. Season To Season originally started off as an Antiques record, but the sound became a big departure from their Americana vibe and, instead, became a solo project. While some of the tracks experiment with electronic elements, there are still enough acoustic tracks with well written lyrics and Joey’s warm vocals to satisfy me. The tracks that latch on and stick in my head are “Driftwood Doll” and “I Know My Ocean.”‚  Give those a spin and let them sink in. The album was released yesterday.

You also owe it to yourself to check out Nicknames and Natives by The Antiques. Great album.

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The Traditionist – Sleep Be Told

The Traditionist – Driftwood Doll

The Traditionist – I Know My Ocean