jay bennett

You probably noticed the updated video on our homepage for tomorrow’s (fantastic) HearYa Live Session with The Mother Hips. I’ve been a fan of this underrated band for years and their lead singer, Tim Bluhm, also has an amazing body of work as a solo artist.‚  Give this guy a guitar and some sand beneath his bare feet at low tide and magic will happen. For instance, I’ve never heard a song that captures the spirit of Northern California quite like this one:

Tim Bluhm – California Way

If you don’t own the album California Way yet, just trust me on this. Buy it blindly and you’ll live a richer life.

Anyway, if you were a reader back when Jay Bennett died, you may remember how I didn’t want to hear his autopsy results. Last night I was perusing Tim’s YouTube Channel and found him performing this beautiful song as a tribute to Jay. Thought I’d share. I got goosebumps hearing “And I hope that they have music where you are.”

If you dig it, throw a comment on YouTube or below.

Tim Bluhm – Song for JB


I said I didn’t want to know the results of Jay’s autopsy, but I just read the headline over here.