Hurt Valley

Hurt Valley sign to Woodist, announce debut LP

by Woody on October 17, 2019

Photo credit: Jess McIntosh

Hurt Valley is the folk-pop project of Brian Collins. Collins is moonlighting from his day gig of heading up a science department in the Hollywood area. His music certainly has a Southern California feel to it. Anyway, Glacial Pace will see the light of day on 12/6/19 via the fine folks at Woodist. Here’s some info from the PR squad.

Hurt Valley has shared the album’s melancholic first single “Apartment Houses.” “The song is about people who you think you know well, but through some toxic event, you come to find you don’t know them at all, and vice versa,” says Collins. “It’s like that time you thought you were holding someone’s hand, but they were holding your hand, only to drag you into the woods and throw you into a pit of snakes.”

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