Howlin Rain

Top 50 Albums of 2008 [Picks 31-40]

by oz on December 16, 2008

You may as well just make a playlist out of these picks‚  from our top 50 albums of 2008. Not only are these outstanding albums, but these singles are some of my favorites of the year. Most notable are the tracks posted for The John Henrys, The Heavy, Elliott BROOD, Horse Feathers, and The War On Drugs.

31. The John Henrys – Sweet As The Grain (our review)

The John Henrys

The John Henrys show that country music is still alive and well – it just comes from Canada now.

The John Henrys – Lost In The Canyon

32. Howlin’ Rain – Magnificent Fiend (our review)

Howlin Rain

Grab bong, go to basement, crank up loud. Pretty fucking good, isn’t it?

Howlin Rain – Dancers At The End Of Time

Hear more at our live session with Howlin Rain.

33. The Explorers Club – Freedom Wind (our review)

The Explorers Club

A wonderful approach to The Beach Boys sound. Their acoustic live session moved them up 10 spots. Amazing 5 part vocal harmonies.

The Explorers Club – Do You Love Me?

Hear more at our live session with The Explorers Club.

34. Elliott Brood – Mountain Meadows (our review)

Elliott Brood Mountain Meadows

A rock and roll band playing bluegrass instruments.‚  That’s a recipe for success with HearYa.

Elliott BROOD – Write It All Down For You

35. The Heavy – Great Vengeance and Furious Fire (our review)

The Heavy

The Heavy capture the 70’s spirit like no other. By far the sexiest album on our entire list.

The Heavy – Colleen

36. Horse Feathers – House With No Home (our review)

Horse Feathers

There’s a trend following of whispering vocals over sparse instrumentation in the indie world. Iron and Wine, Great Lake Swimmers, Bon Iver…and now let’s add Horse Feathers to the list. Melancholy Americana at its finest.

Horse Feathers – Curs In The Weeds

37. War On Drugs – Wagonwheel Blues (our review)

War On Drugs

One of those albums that grows on you. Three months ago it wasn’t on this list, but it continues to get better. You’ll hear traces of Wilco throughout.

War On Drugs – Taking The Farm

38. Jessica Lea Mayfield – With Blasphemy So Heartfelt (our review)

Jessica Lea Mayfield

It’s hard to believe that this Kent, Ohio songstress is only 18 years old. Her debut is soulful and sultry – a cross between Mazzy Star, Loretta Lynn and Neko Case.

Jessica Lea Mayfield – Kiss Me Again

39. Helio Sequence – Keep Your Eyes Ahead (our review)

Helio Sequence

The Helio Sequence takes you on a meandering daydream of folk-inspired pop tunes. The perfect background music for a quiet Saturday morning, or a windows-down drive through the city on a sunny day.

The Helio Sequence – Keep Your Eyes Ahead

40. Glossary – The Better Angels of Our Nature (our review)


This alt-country outfit out of Tennessee have put out five great albums and continue to fly under the radar. The Better Angels of Our Nature is still available for free on their website. You should download it if you haven’t already.

Glossary – Little Caney