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Hollis Browm is set to follow up on 2013’s Ride On The Train with 3 Shots. The title track is the lead single. “3 Shots” has a great story. It’s one of the first tracks that front man Mike Montali and lead guitarist Jon Bonilla first wrote together. Montali wrote the lyrics after seeing the senseless violence going on in America. He was watching this documentary “Bully” and it really stood out how lost young people have become and this song is commentary on all the craziness. So needless to say it has an amazing message.

Hollis Brown is going to be hitting the road this summer with Counting Crows. Be sure to check them out.

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For those unfamiliar with Hollis Brown. They are a quintet out of Queens, not Brooklyn. They play a brand of Americana that will remind you of CCR. Their debut LP, Ride On The Train was top-notch and wound up at #25 in the 2013 version of HearYa’s Top 50.

2014 has seen them release a cover album of Velvet Underground’s Loaded, which was quite excellent, and now a new single – Wait For Me Virginia. Wait For me Virginia tells a story of waiting in each verse – a convict, a musician and a soldier.

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Hollis Brown is here



Named after a Dylan tune, it would be tough to imagine this Brooklyn quartet having anything but a sound befitting that era. While they might be massive Dylan fans, their sound owes more to Credence than anything else. The way songs effortlessly chug along without ever getting frenzied is pure magic. The fact that they are able to make their sound fresh and exciting is a testament to them and producer Adam Landry (Deer Tick).

My old man gave me some good advice when I was young – Keep It Simple Stupid. I’m not saying that Hollis Brown’s songs are simple, nor are they stupid. But they concentrated on what they did well and didn’t lose sight of that. There is no bullshit here. Songs are built on the foundation of big riffs and a rock solid rhythm section. Lead singer, Mike Montali, has a voice that will appeal to fans of Delta Spirit and Deer Tick. While John McCauley and Matt Vazquez can unleash a howl every now and then, Montali’s delivery is much more measured in its approach.

The video below of Gypsy Black Cat gives a great feel of what you’re getting from this band. It is stripped down and is as honest a tune as you’ll get today. The harmonies on this tune and their others don’t sound like angels. Rather they give the sound of a life lived; somewhat strained but full of depth. The soundcloud widget for Down On Your Luck shows the band letting it loose on a rocking three minute jam that would not feel out of place at a Fillmore show in the early 70s.

If you are a fan of Deer Tick, Ha Ha Tonka or Delta Spirit; run don’t walk to pick this up. Their debut out via the fine folks of Alive/Naturalsound is something to behold. They are going to be down at SXSW and you can catch them here.

3/13: SXSW @ J. Black’s (Deli Hangover Hideout), 6:30pm
3/15: SXSW @ Javelina (NFT Official Showcase), 9pm
3/16: SXSW @ The Lodge (Rethink Pop Music), 4:30 pm
3/16: SXSW @ Papi Tino’s (Brooklyn Country Cantina), 6pm


Fancy yourself a fan of Deer Tick? Cool, I think they’re pretty rad as well. Why do I ask? Well these fellas out of NY remind me of them. Turns out they also toured with Deer Tick. That is quite serendipitous.

Anyhoo, their debut titled Ride On the Train is coming out on 3/5 via the fine folks at Alive Records. The lead track, Down On Your Luck is below. I checked out their EP and it is fantastic. I’m guessing they’ll be down at SXSW where they will be on my must see list. Here are some current tour dates.

Down On Your Luck by HollisBrown

1/11: Annapolis, MD @ Metropolitan
1/16: Pittsburgh, PA @ Club Cafe
1/17: Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Ballroom
1/18: Columbus, OH @ Rumba Cafe
1/19: Frederick, MD @ Cafe Nola
2/01: Burlington, VT @ Red Square
2/02: Boston, MA @ Great Scott
2/16: Philadelphia, PA @ Milkboy

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