Grammys: The Lumineers and Alabama Shakes

by oz on February 10, 2013

Let’s all wish The Lumineers and Alabama Shakes good luck tonight at the Grammys! Incredible to see their rise over the last year and we’re really grateful that they made it in for live sessions with us. Two of my favorite sessions we’ve ever done with great people deserving of all the accolades.


My 10 Favorite Things from The Grammys Last Night

by That Guy on February 13, 2012

  1. The Band Perry’s bass guitarist’s lace-up-crotch pants. He looked like he was trying out for Braveheart on Ice.
  2. Jennifer Hudson trying to make herself cry during her Whitney Houston tribute but not able to do it
  3. Ryan Seacrest trying to take over hosting duties halfway through the show, announcing two consecutive segments before the producers noticed
  4. Joe Walsh’s guitar faces
  5. Maroon 5 needing a backing band of 12 session players in order to reproduce a Beach Boys song
  6. Dave Grohl’s inability to play a guitar solo
  7. Bon Iver winning best new artist even though the first album came out in 2008. That’s like giving Kevin Durant Rookie of the Year this year.
  8. Chris Brown nearly winning a Grammy for “Best Lip-Synced Performance to a Standing Ovation Just a Few Short Years After Beating Your Wife”
  9. Adele’s date wondering if he was going to get Fanked during any of Adele’s 6 Fank You speeches
  10. Justin Vernon barely being able to resist the urge to scream “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY! EVERYONE HERE SUCKS!” during his Fank You speech


The Infamous Stringdusters received their first ever Grammy nomination for their song “Magic #9” in the Best Country Instrumental Performance category. It’s probably safe to say that this live session features the best musicians we’ve ever had in the studio.

For those unfamiliar with the band, they hail from Nashville and include session musicians who have worked with the likes of Earl Scruggs, Dolly Parton, Drew Emmit, Levon Helm, Jim Lauderdale and others. Their albums prove that they are no stranger to the Nashville scene, balancing expert technical musicianship with polished production.

Their third album on Sugar Hill Records is called Things That Fly, a body of work that appeals to both old school bluegrass enthusiasts and more progressive music fans, aided by their re-arranged U2 cover, “In God’s Country.”  They play acoustic music with such fervor that it’s mesmerizing.

And I know we shower Steve Shirk with accolades in most session write-ups, but dear God. This does not sound like a 5-piece band standing in a circle in one room. Kudos to the band and Shirk Music + Sound. I’m mesmerized by “Magic #9.” I don’t write music, but I can’t imagine that’s an easy song to write, arrange, or perform. Have a listen and root for ’em on Sunday at the Grammy Awards!

Exclusive: The Infamous Stringdusters Introduction

Exclusive: The Infamous Stringdusters – It’ll Be Alright

Exclusive: The Infamous Stringdusters – In God’s Country (U2 Cover)

Exclusive: The Infamous Stringdusters – Magic #9

Exclusive: The Infamous Stringdusters – Rain

The Infamous Stringdusters – Rain (Live at Shirk Music + Sound)

The Infamous Stringdusters – Magic #9 (Live at Shirk Music + Sound)