Girl Friday

LA’s Girl Friday are the latest addition to the excellent Hardly Art roster of artists. In a broad sense, they play post-punk but there’s a whole of lot of shit going on there. Really excited to dig in to this EP to discover other influences, and more importantly – their take on them. Anywho, the EP is out on June 28th and here’s a little more of the Hardly Art site.

Girl Friday think of themselves as an explicitly feminist project, though not in the didactic way one might expect from that appellation. The L.A-based quartet, founded by bassist Libby Hsieh and guitarist Vera Ellen after they met at a UCLA house party a couple of years back, operates collectively, each member taking turns at the microphone and equal parts in songwriting; they’re all big personalities and big presences, but they find balance—and complement—in one another. There had been iterations of the band before, but none had truly clicked until drummer Virginia Pettis and guitarist Sierra Scott joined.

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