Futurebirds – Teamwork (album review)

by Woody on January 20, 2020

Time waits for no man. We all get old. The trick is to mature while holding on a part of your youth. It is a big reason I still love going to see loud brash punk bands as turning 50 looms on the horizon. As Futurebirds celebrates ten years, this album seems to nail that dynamic on the proverbial head. It is a reflective look back on the past while keeping one on the future.

After a quick intro, the album kicks off with Crazy Boys sung by Carter Page; a mid-tempo cosmic Americana track that has become the hallmark of Futurebirds albums. Back during one of our sessions, the boys regaled us with their hard-partying ways with a headliner they were opening for and this song title seems apt for them. That follows with Trippin’ sung by Thomas Johnson, which feels like a history of their band and their friendship. My Broken Arm has that trademark steel in another track I interpret as them looking back at good ol’ days when they were just getting going with one eye on the future. The video seems to lean into that as the band celebrate with a damn tasty low country boil.

You know what you’re going to get with a Futurebirds album and their live shows. But it doesn’t feel tired; not one bit. They remain one of my favorites out there today.

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Futurebirds announce Teamwork for 1/15/20

by Woody on November 13, 2019

Athens’ finest road warriors are back with their first LP since 2015’s Hotel Parties. And based on the first couple of tracks, we are due for a ripping good batch of Southern rock reverb soaked psychedelia. The boys will be releasing the album on their own label, VL4L Records.

Here’s a link to when the boys paid us a visit in 2010. Arguably the greatest video we did, complete with slow motion couch jump.

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Futurebirds announce Portico EP series

by Woody on November 11, 2016


Long time HearYa faves, Futurebirds have released part one of a 2 EP series titled Portico. Upon stumbling across a Baptist church that dated over 100 years on the outskirts of Athens, GA; the band felt compelled to set up shop and record there. Portico I is out today and Portico II will be out in early 2017. I’ve spun it once and it immediately slides in with the rest of their catalog as Futurebirds continue to be among the leading voice for Cosmic Americana. Here is a little more info on the project.

The resulting work is a two-part album, aptly titled Portico I & II – which embodies songs on life and love. Cover songs like “From Me To You,” about sending love to a longing lover, or the original “Only Here For Your Love,” about the humble and simple nature of love in its purest forms.

On the work, Johnson states “The songs are a reflection of our own desires and lives, the music a reflection of doing what feels right, and only what feels right, regardless of outside influence or objections. This is our way of taking our music, lives, and futures into our own hands, and what greater cause is there?”

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Futurebirds are here

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Futurebirds – Hotel Parties [album review]

by Woody on September 28, 2015


Photo by David McClister

As I alluded to in my post announcing Hotel Parties, Futurebirds don’t often shy away from a party. And why would you when you are in your early twenties and tasting your first bits of success. People are coming out to your shows in droves, you’re growing random facial hair and generally having the time of your life. Fuck, life would be a party and for a band on the road as much as Futurebirds, most of those parties took place in hotels.

But like anything, as you get older, perceptions change. Hotel Parties explores the band as they comes to grips with balancing the non-stop party on the road with the comforts of a daily routine of being at home. The excellent twentyseven is a rollicking track where Carter King seems to be incredulous at his life at the age of twenyseven. A few songs later, the title track has hints of Deer Tick in the intro before easing into mid-tempo goodness buoyed by the always excellent Dennis Love on pedal steel.

Part of that maturation as a band is keeping true to yourselves as you try to push yourselves to new levels of success. Deadbeat Hits is a great track about a band looking for that and the aftermath that comes when you get it. And lest I forget the excellent closer, Hard As You Like. A slow brooding track that reminded me of The Dead’s High Time from the first time I heard it.

Some of the best parties of my life have been in a hotel, including the party after my wedding. They are special, amazing nights that you look back fondly on and constantly relive with old friends. But doing it night after night will take its toll on you.

HearYa sessions with Futurebirds are here and here

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Futurebirds are here

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