Credit: Reilly Drew

Chicago’s music scene continues to produce. The latest act to come across my desk is Fran, led by Maria Jacobson. Their debut album is out on 11/15 via the fine folks at Fire Talk Records. The lead single, Company, has some nice crunchy guitars that has me looking forward to the album. Here’s some more info from the PR team.

Fran’s debut album is an extremely personal album, informed as much by her experience as an actor, Chicago-based Maria Jacobson (Fran) sets the stage for her deeply personal and evocative brand of guitar playing with the first single, “Company,” a visceral refrain about retaking ownership of yourself in the face of misogyny and entitlement that builds to a crescendo putting Jacobson completely in control. The adept technical work of fellow bandmates’ contributions from the prolific Chicago DIY scene present a cohesive, essential element to uplifting this decisive first single. Jacobson explains that with the video for “Company” she “wanted to explore the traditionally male-dominated spaces (sports courts, diy basement shows, drum sets) and dig into the absurdity of that entitlement. And it is ridiculous at this point because the tide is changing so much. I think everyone is tired of all-male bills, condescending sound guys and unsafe/aggressive music spaces.”

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