HearYa Live Session 47: Eulogies

by oz on June 1, 2009


Eulogies gave away a free EP called Homespun Sessions not too long ago and that was my first introduction to the band. The album consists of acoustic versions of their recent release Here Anonymous and it’s amazing. From the first few lines uttered by lead singer Peter Walker on “Bad Connection,” I was locked in and captivated. That feeling continued through the rest of the EP and I anxiously awaited the full length.

Here Anonymous includes electric versions of the same songs on the EP featuring Drew Phillips on guitar, Chris Reynolds on drums and incredible bass lines, courtesy of Tim Hutton. Those same melancholy coffee-shop friendly songs from the acoustic EP were brought to life and became uplifting pop songs, tailor made for alt-radio and big concert halls.

I’m now familiar with Peter Walker and Eulogies and it was great to have the band in the studio for a live session to showcase a few tracks I’ve fallen in love with like “Day To Day,” “This Fine Progression” and “Bad Connection.” While many bands in the indie world are experimenting with new sounds and instrumentation, the Eulogies’ delivery is simple, straightforward and refreshing. When you write great songs the lyrics deserve to be front and center while the band envelopes them in sound. That’s how Eulogies package their music.

They’ve offered us fans an album for free and now a live session. If you dig them (like all bands kind enough to spend time with us), please repay the favor and buy the album or check them out in person. Maybe buy a tee shirt. For now, enjoy the tracks.

Exclusive: Eulogies – Day To Day

Exclusive: Eulogies – Under The Knife

Exclusive: Eulogies – This Fine Progression

Exclusive: Eulogies – How To Be Alone

Exclusive: Eulogies – Bad Connection

Click here to download all the songs as a zip.

Video: Eulogies – Bad Connection (Live at Shirk Music + Sound)

Eulogies – “Bad Connection” – HearYa Live Session 5/13/09 from on Vimeo.


Eulogies just debuted a new video for “Eyes On The Prize” off of their new album, Here Anonymous. They are on tour now with The Dears. Click here for dates.

Eulogies “Eyes On The Prize”


We posted a few tracks from Eulogies over the past few weeks and they just packaged up their Homespun Sessions EP for us all to download for free. Their Dangerbird Records release, Here Anonymous, is out now.

Here are the individual tracks to sample and a link to download them all in a zip file. Click here to download Here Anonymous on iTunes.

Eulogies – Bad Connection

Eulogies – This Fine Progression

Eulogies – The Fight (I’ve Come To Like)

Eulogies – Eyes On The Prize

Eulogies – Day To Day

Download the Eulogies Homespun Sessions EP

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This is the third installment of Eulogies’ Homespun Session and their new album, Here Anonymous, is out on April 7th on Dangerbird Records. I’m still wondering how I’ve overlooked this band.

Eulogies – The Fight (I’ve Come To Like)

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