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Elliott BROOD – Nothing Left [live video]

by Woody on October 23, 2014


In case my glowing review of Elliott BROOD’s new album, Work and Love, didn’t do it for you. Check out this live video of Nothing Left. It was filmed at Riverfest Elora this past August. They are going to be hitting the road for a lengthy tour. They are not to be missed live.

In a somewhat related note, our thoughts and prayers go out to the fine people of Canada. Their handling of a horrific situation yesterday is to be commended. The band tweeted out yesterday that they were “very proud and saddened Canadians.” They had every right to be.

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Elliott BROOD is here.



Getting an email announcing a new Elliott BROOD album is like manna from heaven. I was excited when I read the email and saw the above photo. Listening to the lead track, Jigsaw Heart just made me more excited. We had the Canadian trio in for a HearYa session back in 2009. Work And Love will be released on 10/21 via our friends to the North, Paper Bag Records. Here’s some info from the PR machine:

On ‘Work and Love,’ Elliott BROOD’s two songwriters Casey Laforet and Mark Sasso decided to mine the bare histories of their own lives: penning verses about the ends of relationships and the tests of adulthood, long drives, childhood retreating in a rear-view mirror. ‘Work and Love’ also serves as a eulogy for the moments on the doorstep of manhood: first loves, lost loves, and young men’s just desserts. Select tracks on the album feature Aaron Goldstein (City and Colour) on pedal steel and John Dinsmore (Kathleen Edwards, Sarah Harmer) on bass. ‘Work and Love’ is Elliott BROOD at their sheerest, facing forward and backward at the same time.

Our full session is here

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Elliott BROOD is here


Elliott BROOD – Days Into Years [Album Review]

by Woody on September 27, 2011

Long time HearYa favorites, Elliott BROOD are back with their 3rd effort entitled Days Into Years. And true to their rootsy form, the Toronto based trio does not disappoint. After a 5-day journey through the seasides towns, battlefields and cemeteries of the French and Belgian coasts, BROOD saw Canadian names etched in stone at a World War 1 cemetery and started writing a record. Inspired by ghosts and monuments, Days Into Years is a lasting piece of work in its own right.

In taking on such solemn subject matter, the boys seem to dial back their typical frenetic energy.  The album may feel more accessible than past BROOD works, but it also strikes me as more thoughtful than its predecessors. They band crafts songs like “Hold You” that roll by much like the band’s inspired drive down the countrysides, treading lightly and graciously on haunted grounds where spirits lie.

A while back, we featured the lead single, Northern Air and I couldn’t stop playing it for a week straight. It’s a wonderfully crafted song that doesn’t try hard; Neil Young would be proud to call it his. Getting an advanced copy of the full album a couple months later was like manna from heaven. The lead track “Lindsay” sounds like a letter written to someone on the horrors of war. The acoustic version (in video below) from the HeroHill sessions is phenomenal.

I never thought these guys would write a better song than “Write It Down For You” off of ’08’s Mountain Meadows. Um, yeah, I was wrong about that. Elliott BROOD show real growth on Days Into Years and I for one couldn’t be any happier for them. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting them at HearYa World HQ when we did recorded our session and I enjoyed our time together. They were especially nice to my son, Hank, and I am really hoping that more people in the States take notice of this phenomenal band.

Elliott BROOD – Northern Air

Elliott BROOD – Lindsay (From the HeroHill/Paper Bag Records Session)