dinosaur feathers

Dinosaur Feathers, Live Session #71

by Woody on June 2, 2010

Dinosaur Feathers

At SxSW, I had the pleasure of catching one of Brooklyn’s up and coming bands at my favorite Austin venue, Homeslice Pizza. Since discovering Dinosaur Feathers earlier this year, the trio has been getting love from Paste, The New York Times and many a blogger.

When I started listening to them, a friend of mine asked, “You do realize that they use a drum machine?” I did, and in spite of that, something about the experimental indie pop band struck a chord. They are not my normal fare, they have a unique twist on 60’s pop that is catchy as hell.

Download the tunes here and prepare to hear more of this band. I look forward to see where they go from here.

Dinosaur Feathers Band Intro

Exclusive: Dinosaur Feathers – Teenage Whore

Exclusive: Dinosaur Feathers – Family Waves

Exclusive: Dinosaur Feathers – Untitled

Exclusive: Dinosaur Feathers – Vandela Vida

Video: Dinosaur Feathers – Family Waves


dinosaur feathers

Much like the heralded debut from Girls, Dinosaur Feathers’ Fantasy Memorial has influences rooted in 50’s and 60’s pop music. What makes the music pop are the unique rhythms and percussion that propels the music forward with vigor. Lead singer Greg Sullo spent some time in Mali and those ethnic elements seep in throughout their debut. In fact, on the first song, you are greeted with the sounds of birds from Mali’s desert.

In my email correspondence with Greg, he mentioned that the songs on the album are about falling in and out of love, why it happens, and what it means for different people. The two tunes that left a mark with me are “Teenage Whore” and “History Lessons.” The latter begins like an Everly Brothers tune you’d hear on your mom and dad’s oldies station. Greg had this to say about the song: “Just because you’ve learned the lessons of history, does not mean you’ve learned your lesson.”

The recording is rough around the edges, but it only adds to the charm of the debut album from this Brooklyn band. Much like The Love Language’s lo-fi debut, which also had a few bumps in production, the talent of Dinosaur Feathers is undeniable. You can catch them around town at SXSW in Austin.

Dinosaur Feathers – Vendela Vida

Dinosaur Feathers – Teenage Whore


Dinosaur Feathers – Vendela Vida [New mp3]

by Woody on January 5, 2010

dino album

HearYa readers, meet Dinosaur Feathers. Dinosaur Feathers, meet HearYa readers. Now that we have the formalities out of the way, I think you’ll be fast friends. The Brooklyn based band gave us a sneak-peek at their upcoming debut LP (out in March) and a full review will be forthcoming. For now, enjoy this tasty morsel called “Vendela Vida.” They remind me of another band on the precipice of bigger things, Local Natives.

The boys are gearing up for their debut and subsequent tour and will be kicking things off in style at SXSW. I will make sure to catch a set in Austin.

Dinosaur Feathers – Vendela Vida