Daniel Lanois

Its hard not to reference his insane list of credits over the past few decades when mentioning Daniel Lanois. The guy has produced some amazing pieces of work in his career.  However, it wasnt until I heard Lanois third solo album entitled Shine that I started paying close attention to him.  That was in 2003.  Since then Ive bought, read, listened to, and watched nearly everything I could find about him.  Lanois approach to music and production is extremely inspiring to me, so when I heard about his new project Black Dub, I was eager to hear what was in store.

Black Dub consists of Trixie Whitley (vocals), Brian Blade (drums), Daryl Johnson (Bass) and Daniel Lanois (guitars, vocals, keys).  Trixie is the newcomer to the equation, bringing a smoky and soulful belt that you would expect from someone twice her size.  Ill admit that Trixies vocals were a bit of an obstacle for me at first.  Being a Lanois fan, I wanted to hear him sing.  But after a week of listening to this album, Im really drawn in by what she brings to the table.

On bass guitar, Daryl Johnson is as smooth as butter.  His tone covers a broad range from  deep subby raggae/ dub to vintage Motown tube growl.  Pair him up with Brian Blade, one of the greatest drummers alive, and you have one potent rhythm section. Ive never wanted to hear a drummers hi-hat more than Brians.  Theres something about the way he hits it and the way Lanois records it that has incredible character.  Its not just there to keep time – its part of the story.

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