China is a Bay area band fronted by Michael James Tapscott. They play a nice brand of folk-rock and they’ve got a new LP coming out on Feb 22 titled And Then Nothing Happened. Here’s some more info on the LP.

Once again, the collection of songs revolves around the cinematic songwriting that has become the band’s trademark. This time the characters are a bunch of beautiful losers caught in a freeze frame hovering somewhere between mundanity and epiphany like something out of a Raymond Carver story. In the album’s opening track ’Marnie’ the narrator looks back at a love that’s gone but not forgotten, wondering if it’s really all over for good; on the title track ‘And Then Nothing Happened’ the narrator comes to terms with his broken dreams and the reality of a life where there’s nothing left for him after last call.

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'Marnie' by China from Royal Oakie on Vimeo.