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Chad VanGaalen releases free B-Sides EP

by oz on September 16, 2009

I can’t mention Chad VanGaalen without repeating the how he described Canadians at a concert a few years back:

All Canadians are furry little mutants made of baby diarrhea.

Chad VanGaalen is a Canadian. At least he’s a generous furry mutant because he just offered a free EP of B-Sides from his latest album, Soft Airplane. According to the press release…

These tracks cover some of the same themes that run through the album. However, while meditations on birth, love, death, and our fragile ecosystem play out over broken drum machine beats and acoustic stompers, these estranged B-sides – some playful impromptu tunes, or rough first takes – exist as a leaner and often more light-hearted complement to the album.


Click here to download the album.

Track Listing:

Stuffed animal

Are you sleeping?

Microscopic world

Soak in visions

Pyramids float

Twisting magic up

Did you find peace?

I wish I was a dog (with Julie D. and Fred S.)



Chad VanGaalen – Willow Tree [new mp3]

by oz on October 23, 2008

I first saw native Canadian Chad VanGaalen open for Band of Horses at the Fillmore two years ago, back when we first started this here blog. He’s self-deprecating by nature and made a comment that all Canadians are “furry little mutants made of baby diarrhea.” That poetic line stuck with me…like baby diarrhea.

He has a new album out called Soft Airplane.

Chad VanGaalen – Willow Tree

He also released a video for “Molten Light”


Here are a few others from past albums:

Chad VanGaalen – Echo Train

Chad VanGaalen – Clinically Dead

Chad VanGaalen – Flower Gardens

Chad VanGaalen – Graveyard

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