Blushh release new single, All My Friends

by Woody on April 1, 2019

Blushh is the project of LA’s Shab Ferdowsi. Friend of HearYa, The Blue LT took in part of their set at SXSW and came away impressed. Here’s some info on the track from Shab.

“Last year I moved back into my parent’s house for about 10 months. I was 20 miles away from all my friends, and I slowly but surely started spending more nights at home than I did hanging out. I was caught between not wanting to go out to begin with and starting to feel detached, both physically and emotionally, from my social life. Safe to say that’s probably where this song stemmed from, lyrically. Sonically, this is the beginning of the most collaborative work Blushh has seen to date. I spent months with my band working on a batch of new songs, which is something I’ve never done before. The gang vocals kill me every time and I hope they rip your hearts out too” – Shab Ferdowsi

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