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The Yawpers’ name stems from a line in Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass”: “I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.” Hailing from Denver, they are the latest entry on to the venerable Bloodshot catalog. They played a bastardized version of delta blues and punk. American Man will be their sophomore effort. Here’s a little something on the track below. “‘Deacon Brodie’ is a perversion of the story of William Brodie, who was a Scottish cabinet maker that moonlighted as a thief,” Cook reveals. “We tried to couch his darker side in sex, masochism, and the joy of deception. His story is also interesting in that he is credited with having designed the gallows that he would eventually hang from himself.”

I also strongly urge you to check out the video for Silicone Love off their first album. It is American As Fuck and very well may be the greatest video ever made.

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The Yawpers are here


Luke Winslow King is the newest addition to Bloodshot’s roster. Here is a little bit from his Bloodshot bio. If you want to dig any further, go here. His Bloodshot debut will be out next March and I imagine he’ll be playing at the BackYard BBQ at SXSW.

Luke Winslow-King (born March 12th 1983) is a guitarist, singer, composer, and lyricist known for his slide guitar work, and interest in pre-war blues and traditional jazz. Winslow-King’s work consists of an eclectic mix, taking in delta-folk music, classical composition, ragtime, and rock and roll; juxtaposing original songs with those from a bygone era.

Whether solo, or with a band, Winslow-King offers an original sound that is both rustic and elegant. He delivers energetic and dynamic performances, with his burgundy voice and versatile guitar playing.

WYCE In-Studio – Luke Winslow King – Staying In Town from Wealthy Theatre on Vimeo.

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For those that follow Justin Townes Earle, you probably recall that he was fired from his Dad’s band after developing some “bad habits.” He then found sobriety, his solo song craft, and put out two phenomenal country albums in The Good Life and Midnight At The Movies.

We’re not ones to gossip and normally I’d leave any “off the wagon” rumors off the table, but Justin just announced that his tour is canceled while he enters rehab. The clues have been there.  His tour cancellation announcement features a comment from a fan apologizing for helping him score coke. His Twitter profile has shown some “colorful” rants, including a picture of his bleeding ass.  He was arrested in Indianapolis after reported issues with fans and the venue. I’ve seen him perform many times over the past few years and his stage banter indicated that he may dipping his toes back in the “bad habits” water – like in San Francisco when he praised the crowd for the city’s high grade weed.

I just figured it was medicinal.

On his latest album, Harlem River Blues, there’s a track called Slippin’ and Slidin’ that sums up his situation with autobiographical lyrics (these may not be entirely accurate):

Why do I try my luck?
I should never touch the stuff.
But it shouldn’t make any difference.
As long as I keep up appearances.

This all didn’t come as much surprise. Staying sober in his chosen vocation is like riding a wagon coated in Crisco.  It shouldn’t diminish the quality found in Harlem River Blues, however. This album doesn’t have the stand out tracks that stirred your soul like “Mama’s Eyes” on Midnight At The Movies, but it’s great travelin’ music. “Move Over Mama” sounds like an early Elvis Presley song from the late 50’s, “Workin’ for the MTA” is yet another train song that would make Cash proud, and “Wanderin'” weaves acoustic guitar, fiddle, hand claps and harmonica into a foot stomping barn dancer.

Harlem River Blues didn’t immediately hit me like Justin’s last two albums, but many drives down winding country back roads changed my perspective and I’ve grown to adore it. Justin Townes Earle has been a big supporter of ours.  He stopped in for one of our earliest sessions, performed at our first SxSW party, and even watched a Cubs game with us at Wrigley. I’ve watched addiction take the life of someone close to me and I’m thankful that he had the wisdom to seek help. We wish him the very best of luck in sorting this out we’ll be standing in the crowd when his tour is reignited.

Justin Townes Earle – Harlem River Blues


sao paulo

Kurt Marschke and crew continue their homage to early 70’s Stones with another 10-song set of honky-tonk blues. And while they may not be reinventing the wheel, they do it with near perfection. every time I have seen them live – they have simply crushed it.

The band has undergone a slight change in the lineup. Gone is rocket-fueled vocals of Masha Marjieh, so Marschke handles all the lead vocals with the female vocals coming in the background on Sao Paulo. While Masha may be gone, English slide and steel guitarist Spencer Cullom is still on hand and is an absolute pleasure to listen to, especially in the live setting.

Sao Paolo is certainly a guitar based homage to classic rock. And with that in mind, the quintet deliver their fare share of rockers in “Houston” and “The River Song.” When the boys slow it down, “Adalee” will certainly grab your attention with its gospel-blues choruses. “Always A Friend of Mine” is a great finishing track with Spencer’s steel is front and center.

It is odd to me that while bands like Free Energy get all sorts of plaudits for their throwback style, Deadstring Brothers continue to fly under the radar. Nothing against Free Energy but they don’t match up to Deadstring and there is certainly a distinct lack of Spencer Cullom in their band. Help me right the wrong and download Sao Paulo.

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Deadstring Brothers – Sao Paulo

Deadstring Brothers – The River Song


News: Chicago band, The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, in serious accident. Asking for your help.

September 25, 2009

A bit of horrible news for a Friday, but we received this note from the Bloodshot Records family. The band could use your support – donations, thoughts, prayers or album purchases. Their new album …And The Horse You Rode In On is out now. One of the members of the Bloodshot family, The Scotland Yard […]

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Ha Ha Tonka – Live Session #50

July 13, 2009

Our 50th live session! I remember the day in Austin at South By Southwest when Oz and Shirk hatched this plan. And I remember my skepticism. What band is going to stop by the studio for a brand new blog? We invited a few bands to the studio, Shirk worked his magic and we slowly […]

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Scott H. Biram – Something’s Wrong/Lost Forever [Album Review]

July 7, 2009

Scott H. Biram, Austin’s Dirty Old One-Man Band, is back with his blend of country, blues, punk, gospel and soul. Every type of music that I like is thrown in a blender by one crazy Texan and poured into a rocks glass neat. Just like a fine bourbon, Something’s Wrong/Lost Forever is meant for sipping, […]

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Justin Townes Earle – Midnight At The Movies [New Video]

June 29, 2009

Justin Townes Earle just released a video for his song “Midnight At The Movies,” from his album of the same name (Our review). You can also download the tracks from our live session with Justin Townes Earle. Video: Justin Townes Earle – Midnight At The Movies Justin Townes Earle, “Midnight at the Movies” from Bloodshot […]

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Ha Ha Tonka – Novel Sounds of the Nouveau South [Album Review]

May 4, 2009

Ha Ha Tonka’s Buckle In The Bible Belt is one of the best albums I’ve come across in quite some time. I’ve spun that disc and seen the boys live countless times and have been looking forward to their sophomore follow up like very few before. When I finally got my hands on Novel Sounds […]

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Ha Ha Tonka releases two new tracks [new mp3’s]

April 9, 2009

HearYa favs and friends, Ha Ha Tonka, will be releasing their sophomore album, Novel Sounds of the Nouveau South on July 16th via Bloodshot Records. The gentleman from the Ozarks were nice enough to offer up a couple new tracks in advance of the release. Side note: I’ll be at Lake of the Ozarks over […]

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