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Earlier this year, Portland’s Blitzen Trapper had a 28 show run of a stage production titled Wild & Reckless. From that this new LP was born, one that they are describing as a dark dystopian vision. And interestingly enough, they are billing it as the true follow-up to 2008’s Furr, an album that we here at HearYa made our favorite album of the year. That album has held up great over the years and I’m real excited.

Here’s what lead singer Eric Earley had to say to Entertainment Weekly. “Wild and Reckless is something like a cross-eyed stepchild to Furr, in that it chronicles the darker dystopian stories of rural and suburban West Coast death-drive via a riffing psychedelic landscape. Ten years after Furr, with all its talk of murder and the end of the western world, it seems there’s more to tell about the end of America.”

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If you had any questions on what Blitzen Trapper’s eight album was going to be about, the second track definitively answered that question. Rock and Roll (Was Made For You) is a testament to how once rock and roll gets into your system, its in there for good. Lead singer Earley likens it to being a junkie of sorts and that’s something I can certainly relate to.

Earley had a very interesting statement on Blitzen Trapper’s catalog.“It seems to be that every other album goes this way,” Earley continues. “After Furr we did [2010’s] Destroyer of the Void, where we were exploring all these different things. Then came American Goldwing. After that, VII. Now we’re back to that rock thing again.”

And when you’re getting back to that rock thing, you can’t find a better influence than The Boss. In the middle of the album, there are two two tracks that fit the bill. The driving Nights Were Made For Love, full of images when you’re young and you think you have the world by its balls. The next track, Cadillac Man takes a darker turn; telling the story of a man who wouldn’t leave a dying mill town.

This album reminds me so much of Heartless Bastards last few efforts. The albums are built around great storytelling, crisp playing and lead guitarist that delivers the goods. Needless to say, both are excellent in concert. If you happen to be in Chicago, they’ll be at Lincoln Hall this Wednesday.

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Blitzen Trapper – VII [album review]

by Woody on October 7, 2013


Presumably named after George Constanza’s child, Seven, their new album has them revisiting their 2008 album, Wild Mountain Nation, for inspiration. Still cranking out their own brand of Americana, VII sees some funky elements included as well.

Heck, the album’s lead track Feel The Chill begins like a Beasties track before Earley leads them on a slice of rambling Americana. The second track, Shine On. sees the band joined by gospel singer, Liz Vice, giving the track nice texture as Earley’s voice blends real nice his Vice’s. Earth (Fever Called Love) starts off sounding like a Gayngs track and then drifts into something off some early Beck records. Its a quirky tune that has become my favorite track on the album.

Still at the heart of all that is good about Blitzen Trapper is Earle’s ability to spin a yarn. Ever Loved Once and Thirsty Man and paint such vivid pictures that you feel like you were there when Earley penned the vocals

Blitzen Trapper will be at Lincoln Hall tonight along with Phox. If you haven’t seen Blitzen Trapper, I suggest you remedy that tonight as their shows never disappoint.

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Blitzen Trapper is here.

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We recently featured a new track from Denver, the Portland alt-country group featuring members of Blitzen Trapper. Their bio is simple and drops reference to country supergroup, The Highwaymen, whose debut album was my favorite as a youngster.

This “Ramshackle All-Star Country Band” fashions itself a sort of modern-day Highwaymen. Denver’s co-founders and chief songwriters Tom Bevitori, Mike Elias and Birger Olsen exchange lead vocals, drunkenly swaying between dusty saloons and that lonesome country air. The band has since filled out its line-up with a supporting cast, which includes Blitzen Trapper’s Eric Earley and Michael Van Pelt, drummer Sean MacNeil, and a rotating crew of Portland’s finest.

I’ve been spending lots of weekends at Lake of the Ozarks this summer and it’s been fun finding new music that fits the scene – either cruising in a boat, floating on a raft, sitting on the porch or on the dock with a fishing pole, all with a cold beer in hand. Along with The Wooden Sky’s new album, Denver is getting the most play lakeside.

Their debut album will be released on August 14th via Mama Bird Recording Co and we’re pumped to premiere their second single, “Reno.” Get your twang on.

Denver – Reno

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Denver – The Way It Is

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Blitzen Trapper side project, Denver. The Way It Is [new mp3]

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Blitzen Trapper feat. Alela Diane – The Tree [New Video]

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Blitzen Trapper know how to produce amazing videos. “Black River Killer” was one of the best videos released in 2009 and they give it a run for its money with their new video for “The Tree.” “The Tree” is found on their 2010 release, Destroyer Of The Void. Here are a couple mp3’s from the […]

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Whoops. Only we could get forget to review the band who’s album we ranked number 1 two years ago. Maybe it was because it lacked the wow-factor of Furr, but despite many reviews stating the contrary, I’m not convinced that Furr is a better album. I spun both albums back to back (twice) and, at […]

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After one of the worst cubicle occupied days in recorded history on Wednesday, I drove to downtown Atlanta to witness some rock show. I was in search of mental balance and emotional prosperity.‚  What is the remedy for such a plight? Three-piece harmonies. That’s what The Moondoggies and Blitzen Trapper delivered in two magnificent sets. […]

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Blitzen Trapper releases video for Black River Killer [New Video]

July 7, 2009

“Black River Killer” is by far my favorite track on Blitzen Trapper’s latest album, Furr (our favorite album of 2008). Here’s the video and some mp3’s. Blitzen Trapper – Furr Blitzen Trapper – Gold for Bread Video: Blitzen Trapper – Black River Killer Tweet

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