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James Alex’s Beach Slang is back with his first LP since 2016’s A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings. I didn’t know what to expect when I clicked on that link but this first single rips from front to end. And Tommy Stinson helps out on this album. Anyway, here’s some info the PR team.

While James Alex has always infused his anthemic power pop with the earnestness of a gutter poet, Deadbeat Bang sneaks up on you. Like all Beach Slang albums, the eleven tracks are all written and arranged by James. It’s big, loud, and brash, immediately setting the tone for a record more inspired by the stadium classic rock of Cheap Trick than early Replacements. The record was mixed by heavy-hitter Brad Wood, celebrated for his work with the Smashing Pumpkins and Liz Phair.

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Beach Slang is here



Photo by Craig Scheihing

Beach Slang have been catching a lot of hype as of late. In many of the pieces, you’ll see The Hold Steady referenced. Its easy to see why as both feature front-men who fronted lesser-known acts before finding a larger audience in their thirties. They also tend to write lyrics that they wear their heart on their sleeves, albeit Craig Finn tends to be more a story-teller than Beach Slang’s James Snyder who tends to be a little more personal. And lastly, there is no shortage of guitars crashing out of your speakers.

But the main source of comparison for me is that I didn’t enjoy either The Hold Steady or Beach Slang after hearing just one tune. It wasn’t until I heard the whole album that I saw what the fuss was all about. For The Hold Steady, listening to Separation Sunday took me to this crazy place with an even crazier cast of characters; a cast that Finn seems to have a heartfelt love for. While Snyder tends to be more earnest in his feelings, or as Steven Hyden described it in his final Grantland article, they are the most sincere band of 2015.*

As for the musical stylings of Beach Slang, Snyder is an unabashed Replacements fan, so much so that he mentions in that Grantland article that he’ll be touring mats sites of importance during his first trip thru Minneapolis. So it’s a pretty safe bet that if you’re in your forties, and let’s say played The Replacements for hours on end, you’re going to find some enjoyment in this album.

The extra added enjoyment for me is that my 11 y/o thinks its pretty awesome and we can crank it up together when mom isn’t around. He also thinks is pretty funny that the lead singer is closer to my age.

*Fuck you ESPN for shuttering Grantland.

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Beach Slang is here

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