Abjects – Never Give Up (album review)

by Woody on February 21, 2019

Abjects are trio of ladies out of London that are Nigel Farage’s nightmare. Singer/guitarist Noemi from Spain, bassist Yuki from Japan and drummer Alice from Italy combine to make a blissful and energetic brand of garage-punk.

While their backstory is compelling enough to check them out, these ladies rip through the 11 tracks with a verve and precision that makes listening to Never Give Up pretty damn addicting. Having a track titled Fuck Brexit feels almost compulsory but it doesn’t feel forced. Other standout tracks include The Storm, The Secret and the closer, A Long Way To Go; where they slow things down a bit.

They will be down at SXSW this year and they are firmly planted on my must-see list. There is simply no way it won’t be a ripping good set.

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Abjects are here


Abjects is a three-piece from London comprised made up of singer/guitarist Noemi from Spain, bassist Yuki from Japan and drummer Alice from Italy. The title track is below and its a rollicking, rocking track. They’ll be at SXSW and seem destined to play in backyard at Hotel Vegas. Here’s some info from the press squad.

Strong believers that personal identities transcend borders and faced by the rise of right ­wing political trends like nationalism, populism, and Brexit, Abjects explore in the tracks of Never Give Up how these changes are reshaping people’s freedoms, testing their emotional resilience and are calling for new ways to cope with the challenges they present on a personal and global scale.

“All these complications are seen as new challenges to overcome whilst having a lot of fun at it,” said Noemi, “Life is full of problems and obstacles, but we’re never going to give up having fun and living our lives the way we want. We want people to have fun listening to our music, and to infuse others with energy, drive, and self­-determination.”

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Abjects is here